Stay Healthy This Winter

As we struggle to stay warm this winter, there’s one thing that we must continue to care for: our health! During the winter months our bodies and immune systems are particularly prone to catching a virus or to being attacked by bacteria. You certainly don’t want to catch a nasty case of the flu this frigid, winter season, so do your best to stay healthy until the spring arrives by following these 4 suggestions:

1.     Stay warm: (Well, duh!) Don’t let your body drop to ridiculously low temperatures when you’re outside this winter. Walking from class to class, we put our ears, fingers and noses at risk of literally freezing numb. Invest in a warm, thick pair of gloves and a waterproof hat (ear coverage included). You will regret leaving your dorm without these items. Pro tip: carry a hot beverage with you whenever you’re outside. Is you’re not a coffee drinker, tea or hot cocoa will do!

2.     Stay hydrated: It’s true … good amounts of H2O and healthy fluids in our bodies can help to prevent unhealthy bacteria from taking control! Not only that, but fluids help distribute other nutrients more evenly throughout our bodies, and those fluids flush out unwanted germs. So how should you hydrate? Well with water, of course! Additionally, fruit and vegetable juices provide plenty of nutrients that your body might be missing. And my personal favorite … soup! Vegetable soup is packed with nutrients, and even better it is warm!

3.     Stay active: I know … it’s hard! When it’s cold outside, nobody wants to leave the dorm room, and nobody especially wants to leave the dorm room to go get some exercise. But on campus we’re lucky enough to have heated gym facilities, so we should definitely take advantage of the exercise equipment when we have the time! A few times a week it’s important to be active and to get your blood pumping. Your immune system will thank you. Better yet, this will improve your overall mood. Get those endorphins flowing!

4.     Stay positive: Don’t let the winter blues bring you down! You might feel depressed that it’s cold and summer seems years away… but I promise you there are brighter and warmer days ahead. It’s easy to fall into this trap and begin to feel hopeless and completely unmotivated to do anything. But we must remember that this is only a short period of time in a given year, and there are still so many things to enjoy about the winter months! Basketball games with friends, hot chocolate by the fireplace, planning spring break (it’s just around the corner) … make the most of winter! My advice: Each day think of something that you’re thankful for. When you start to feel depressed about the ridiculously cold temperature outside, remember how thankful you are to have a warm room to return to. Stay mentally positive, and your immune system will thank you as well.