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Spring Trends for Every Style


By LaDawn Penigar-Mitchell

1) If you prefer bold styles, try color-blocking
Bright and bold colors are a must-have for any girl’s spring/summer wardrobe. Color-blocking is one of the season’s most popular trends, and it’s an easy way to make a simple outfit pop. If your personal style involves fun, flirty looks but with a daring edge, color-blocking is ideal for you. There’s no better way to look effortlessly vibrant yet sophisticated.

2) If your style is sporty, try anoraks
It’s possible to be athletic and fashionable, and this season’s favorite outerwear is the perfect mixture of the two. The anorak is great because it’s versatile but more exciting than a simple cardigan or light sweater. It has a sporty vibe but is still trendy; no one could say a girl doesn’t look perfectly street chic when wearing this classic, updated piece.

3) If your style is classy and feminine, try lace
Lace is all about romance, elegance and femininity. The fabric is timelessly chic, and the look can vary from sweet and innocent to sensual and playful. It’s a good way to dress classily and simple while adding a whimsical quality to your outfit that will be hard to imitate. If you desire a soft, feminine look for the summer that expertly mixes sexiness and charm, lace is this season’s trendiest option.

4) If your style is urban and edgy, try crop tops
Crop tops have been really popular the past few seasons and those girls who crave a bit of edginess in their wardrobe love the look. The crop top allows you to show a tantalizing hint of skin without looking distasteful. Furthermore, the look can be worn casually with shorts or dressed up with heels and tight jeans. No matter what look you go for, the crop top is a great way to exude sex appeal, assert your personal edginess and still keep it classy.

5) If your style is girly, try floral prints
Prints are always a dominant spring trend and florals have consistently remained a crowd favorite. There is no better way to accentuate your femininity and look bright and refreshing than by wearing florals. They add freshness and liveliness to your closet and make a bold but classic statement. Every girl likes to dress fun and flirty and florals have come to epitomize the girly yet stylish look. If you want to look irresistible and like a breath of fresh air this summer, florals will undoubtedly be your favorite print for the season.

6) If your style is ladylike, try pastels
This is undeniably spring’s most refreshing and feminine hue. Pastels are the perfect alternative for those girls disinterested in wearing brighter tones but still want to look summery and chic. If you’re going for a sweet and low-key vibe, pastels are a great way to create a soft, feminine look while sticking to your more conservative and simple style.


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