Small Screen Queens: TV’s Top 5 Most Lovable Ladies of Today

Think Carrie Bradshaw. Or Rachel Green. These are the types of female powerhouses that are returning to the small screen -- relatable, unique female characters who comfort the audience with their charm. The Carries and Rachels of our generation have arrived... and they are more lovable than ever.

5.  Jess in New Girl

We all know how it feels to be the new girl; Jessica Day experiences this to a new extreme. She lives with three single guys who have completely opposite personalities and lifestyles- and she doesn’t know any of them. Jess, dealing with a break up, gets more comfortable with the guys and they even help her to resolve the split with her boyfriend. The combo of her unique living arrangements and quirky personality make Jess a charming character that any girl can relate to!

4. Carrie Bradshaw in the Carrie Diaries

So what’s better than Sex and the City? The spin-off, The Carrie Diaries, of course! Sex and the City ended in 2004 but Carrie Bradshaw fans can still get their fill. The Carrie Diaries returns to Bradshaw’s sophomore year of high school and explains her life before she moved to New York City. The show explains the humble beginnings of one of the most iconic characters in television- and yes, even Carrie Bradshaw had an awkward adolescence. The young Carrie Bradshaw is a normal teen with big dreams- a character both approachable and captivating.

3. Penny in Big Bang Theory

You may ask yourself: How does she do it? Penny lives on the same floor as two physicists who work at Caltech; she works at the Cheesecake Factory. Although she lacks the same education as the boys, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard openly accept her into their group. Penny is an average girl struggling to reach her goal of becoming an actress; she portrays the hardships typical of attempting to reach success. Penny is an independent woman making it on her own. These circumstances make Penny both strong and respectable; no wonder she is so lovable!

2. Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna in Pretty Little Liars

“Got a secret, can you keep it?” The scandalous lives of the four female teenagers living in Rosewood, Pennsylvania show us how lies can turn deadly. Emily Fields, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings and Hanna Marin are trying to solve the murder of their best friend, Alison DiLaurentis. Besides having a great fashion sense, these four ladies show us a more twisted and alluring point of view to just how vicious drama can be. Pure entertainment and shock value make the four best friends of Pretty Little Liars instant TV sensations.               

1. The Ladies of Girl Code

Can it get more real? MTV’s new smash hit, Girl Code, contains every truth that has ever existed about the daily life of a girl. From relationships to roommates, friends with benefits and the monthly “gift”, the women of Girl Code lay it all out on the line as they reveal some of the most common experiences of girls of all ages. Next time you are upset, turn on an episode of Girl Code- it is instant gratification! Every episode feels like a conversation with your best friend; that is why the ladies of Girl Code come out on top.