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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

i want you

to hurt me

and give me

as many bruises

on my skin

as you want

because i am


nothing without you


that’s why i

lurk outside when

i need a

quick smoke break

the moment i

begin to panic

the nicotine attaches

itself to my

curtains without permission


so now i

must cleanse my

body of you

yet i won’t

stop after a

single ounce of

joy i bought

from you

last time i cried


it was only

sixty five dollars

so why does

it feel like

it ripped every

nerve from within

and wrapped them

in your skin



setting me ablaze

X. Ramos-Lara

Chapel Hill '23

Hello! My name is X. and I'm a senior at UNC-CH majoring in Gender Studies and English. When I'm not stressed out about doing research on non-white gender performance for my thesis I like to write queer poetry. Welcome to this little sliver of my mind!