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Six Must-Have Pieces for a Girl’s Closet

Every upcoming fashion season brings a plethora of exciting new fashions for a girl to discover and try out for her wardrobe.  Some trends are more popular than others and gain widespread attention amongst the stylishly young and fashionably elite. While the clothes on the runway may be expensive and avant-garde, there are styles that are easy to duplicate and make a part of your everyday closet. The following six pieces can be fabulous additions to any girl’s closet; you can totally not be into the latest trends and find the things on this list fun and appropriate to wear anytime!

Nude Flats or Pumps

Black is out, nude is in! Black is that color seen everywhere and on everyone. It is classic and refined, and a girl cannot go wrong wearing a black shoe with her outfit. However, this season has seen the nude shoe skyrocket in popularity; it has been a formidable presence in the runway shows of designers such as Jimmy Choo, Versace, Valentino and others. The nude shoe is amazingly versatile and perfect for any season and goes well with just about any skin tone. Plus, it is a stellar way to elongate your legs. The nude shoe is everywhere so no girl shall have a problem finding the perfect pair in her price range. Wear the nude flat with skinny jeans and a blousy top or the pump with that sultry new cocktail dress, and you’re ready to go! 

Big Watches

Watch out, telling time has never looked so good!  Watches typically aren’t that popular with the teenage and college-age market. Especially in this age of technology, the cell phone is often regarded as an alternative to wearing a watch. Our moms and dads wear watches, not us! However, watches are switching from functional and boring to trendy and fashionable, and many designers are showcasing sleek, sophisticated watches. Finally, watches have emerged as a chic and fun accessory. Surely this is a result of watchmakers’ efforts to appeal to young adults. It seems every stylish girl is sporting one, and they come in a multitude of colors, styles and materials. They can be elegantly understated or flashy and can be bought at reasonable prices. You may not have worn a watch since middle school or earlier, but a cute new watch certainly wouldn’t do any harm.

Printed or Decorative Cardigans

The cardigan is a classic piece that should be a staple in every girl’s closet. They are classy, crisp-looking and make a perfect combination with blouses and tops or day dresses. Many girls stick to solid colors when choosing their cardigans but why not add a touch of excitement and creativity to your closet by foregoing the basic black, navy and gray and buying a printed cardigan?! Spring is near and a decorative cardigan would be perfect to jazz up your wardrobe and celebrate the new season. They are a fun twist to add to an otherwise conservative or boring ensemble. These hot new cardigans come in a variety of styles and patterns so don’t stress about finding the perfect one that will look phenomenal on you or not appear too busy!

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is bold and sexy and shows that a girl exudes confidence. Red has always been a trademark lipstick color, but it comes and goes in popularity. Today, red is making a comeback and is a cosmetic favorite with fashionistas everywhere. It is perfect and sexy at night with cocktail or evening dresses or cute with a floral frock or breezy dress. Red is a strong color and a lot of girls feel the red lip is too daring for them to experiment with. Have no fear; there are literally a thousand different shades of red, and a girl can easily find a shade that isn’t too bold. Other muted tones of lipstick can become boring and bland, so red would be the perfect new color for you to try to reach beyond the safety of your traditional colors.  Next time you’re applying your typical nude or light pink lipstick, stop yourself and think about buying a hot new red instead!

Statement Necklaces

These necklaces are adorable and add the perfect touch of animation to your outfit. They totally help enliven an ensemble and draw attention to the wearer in a good way. Any length or style works, and the colors are usually bright and eye-catching. Necklaces are already a favorite jewelry piece to accessorize with. However, statement piece necklaces are also great because they are must-have pieces in their own right and are just as beautiful as the top or dress a girl may be wearing. Perfect for adornment, they dress up a simpler outfit and are excellent to put on for nice evenings out or a night on the town. Most of these necklaces are super colorful, so they also are ideal for girls prone to only wearing darker colors or a lot of black. These hot new necklaces are a fabulous spin on the traditional necklace, so vamp up your accessories collection with these!


Lace, the queen of girly and feminine fabrics, is no stranger to the fashion scene. It has recently become an incredible designer favorite, and the runways have been inundated with it. Lace designs are often seen in tops, dresses and tights. The look is ultra-whimsical and carefree. Lace is a must-have for a girl’s closet because it oozes femininity and is a great complement to an outfit. Plus, the look itself can be varied. Go for a vintage look to appear classy, or pair it with leather or other contrasting fabrics for an edgier, punk rock vibe.

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