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“The Situation”

Everyone looks forward to Thursday nights at UNC. It’s the day before Friday, it’s party time and best of all, there’s an all-new episode of Jersey Shore at 10 p.m. Even if you say you don’t watch it, we all know that you’ve seen at least one episode, and you can definitely identify Snooki, Pauly D and The Situation. You probably know what GTL entails, and why Grenades are so deadly. (Hopefully you didn’t go as far as buying a Bump-It, though.) With all these eccentricities in mind, it’s not surprising that Jersey Shore Night is an entertaining weekly occasion for suite bonding.

Oh Snooki. You would fill out “Tan” as your ethnicity on a job application.

Learning that if a guy buys you a Fossil watch, you own him big time

In shock and awe that Sammi actually took Ronnie back after she read the mysterious note about his ever-cheating ways

Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the truth.

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