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Seven Songs to Get Pumped for Game Day

It’s game day, and you’re exhausted from the previous night’s festivities.  All you want to do is throw some gel cushions in your sneaks to erase the pain of last night’s pumps, or to prop up the fallen curls from what used to be a glam ‘do into a cute, messy bun. 

But being the rock star you are, you throw on your cowboy boots and a cute sundress and meet the day with a smile. Still, sometimes we need an extra “umph” to get our excitement level as ready to go as our game-day look.

Here are seven songs that’ll get you moving, pumped, and ready for kick-off. 

1. Let’s Go – Lil Jon feat. Trick Daddy. The title of the song says it all. Lil’ Jon is infamous for conjuring up the gods of energy and combat to making you get up and go. “Let’s Goooooo,” get up!

2. Oh No – Girl Talk. With an extremely misleading title, this track is a fruitful and smooth mix of every and anything that’ll get you in an aggressive, competitive game mode. Beginning with excerpts from Ludacris’ “Move” and Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs,” you’re sure to be fearless while you watch the game.

3. Run This Town – Jay-Z and Kanye West feat. Rihanna. This is what I would consider the closest thing to a hip, urban, modern day battle cry. Back in the day battle cries aroused aggression and confidence in the face of adversity, but also bonded the army. This song will have you and your girls confident that our beloved Tar Heels are invincible.

4. 1991 – Azealia Banks. Honestly, I haven’t the slightest idea what this song is about, but the beat will stealthily take you over and Ms. Banks’ flow will inevitably incite a shoulder bounce and smile that’ll keep you upbeat and enthusiastic.

5. Bring ‘em out – T.I. A challenge to our adversaries of the day, this song is the audio equivalent of spontaneous combustion. It’s a surefire way to get lively. Live instruments in the background create the explosive emotion you should be sending off from the bleachers.
6. Bangrang – Skrillex feat. Sirah. Anything that repeats the words “We Rowdy” in the first 30 seconds, laced with a dubstep-electro background, will definitely set the tone for a high-paced football game.

7. All I Do is Win – DJ Khaled feat. T-Pain. Duh. You should have known this one was coming. The amount of energy in this song is unmatchable. Besides literally instructing you on how to move around energetically, the song wishes into existence our ultimate goal: WINNING!

Now that you have the optimum game day playlist, you can blast it while you dance around in your Carolina blue undies and pick out your cutest game day attire. You never know, our campus cutie of the week, Shakeel Rashad, may just be looking your way in the stands!

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