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Reblogging Revolution: Why You Should Be Crushing on Tumblr

If you haven’t heard of Tumblr, you are truly missing out. It’s like the love child of Facebook and Formspring. It consists of a Dashboard that you can scroll through, countless pictures you can reblog, and a little “ASK” box so your legion of Tumblr crushes can ask you questions. Sound enticing? If you’re not sold yet, check out these beautiful blogs below and get your reblog on!

Things I Learned from Sex and the City
This blog is strictly pictures and captions from Sex and the City. Scrolling through is like watching an entire season of SATC (without having to switch DVDs after the 3rd episode). If you have a Tumblr already, this is a must-follow. Having a Samantha Jones quote on your Dash is always a great pick-me-up, and the page title really says it all: Random caps from the most quotable show of all time.

I’m Remembering
I catch myself hitting this Tumblr up during class way too often. It’s basically every beautiful, funny or classic 80s and 90s moment summed up into one blog. Where else can you find an entire page dedicated to 90s birthday cakes? If you like “I’m Remembering,” you should also check out this fantastic 90s Tumblr.

Garfield Minus Garfield

Maybe it’s my love for Pookie Bear that drove me to check out this Tumblr, but it’s probably the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen. The premise is that the removal of Garfield will show off the “existential angst or Mr. Jon Arbunkle.” You can buy the book of all the comics (sans Garfield) in stores, but if it’s online, why would we want to do that?

Story of a Man
If you’re an “Offbeat News” junkie like me, you’ll love Story of a Man. This Tumblr is an accumulation of stories with a headline involving the word “man.” “Man gets stuck up to neck in mud.” “Man jailed for stealing stingrays worth $40k.” It’s all here. Man, does Man get into some trouble!

Bake It In a Cake

For those times you’re baking and chocolate chip cookies just seem a little ho-hum, Bake It In a Cake is here to remedy that problem. For every brownie-baker and cake-creator out there, this Tumblr features kooky and delicious recipes that bring a Cold Stone edge to everyday baking by baking fun ingredients inside of the cupcakes! If baking isn’t your thing, you can just drool over the pictures like I do.

S**t That Blows
Similar to FML, this blog lists everything that sucks in life from a socially awkward perspective. The creator gets a little too specific or awkward at times, but otherwise, viewers of this Tumblr can expect a few gasps of “That’s so true!” to slip out while reading.

F**k Yeah, Lovely Rooms
This Tumblr is dedicated to showcasing the prettiest rooms in the world. From lacey lounges  to lofts, this Tumblr has a hugely eclectic inventory of room pictures. If you’re a cool room fanatic like me, be sure to also check out this Tumblr featuring cool dorm rooms.

The Impossible Cool
This Tumblr delivers as promised: an array of impossibly cool celebrities and public figures in impossibly cool photographs. If you’re stuck in Davis or the UL thinking that all of that studying for your general education requirements is pointless, check out this blog for a little inspiration. You can even search the Archives to find your personal inspiration.

F**k Yeah, Harry Potter Mean Girls
I have a huge love for anything Tumblr and Harry Potter. While I usually just stick to humorous Snape blogs or Harry Potter Facts, I went wild when I found this blog. Basically, the creator takes screen shots and puts them with Mean Girls captions. Enough said.

Tracks on Tracks on Tracks
Of course, Tumblr wouldn’t be the same without some stellar music blogs. I’m feeling this Tumblr full of dubstep, house and electronic music. Collegiettes who love mashups should check this one out.

Do you have a Tumblr or a favorite blog? What’s the URL? Leave it in the comments below!

Photos taken from respective pages featured.

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