Pink Hair

I want pink hair.


They say you know she’s moving on if she changes her hair.


Well, I guess I am moving on.


I want my smooth brown hair to be laced with pink streaks of rebellion. No! Stripes of healing. 


I don’t think I want pink hair to make a statement to everyone else that I have moved on.


I purely want pink hair for the fun of it. For me. I want to express my personality through my appearance. I love myself. Or at least I am trying to. 


I really am getting better. I want pink hair! That is what has been on my mind all day. Thoughts of him have not clawed their way into my fortress of thoughts today.


My militia has properly fought him out of my mind today.


They replaced the thought of him, or any boy for that matter, with the thought of pink hair. PINK HAIR!


I probably won’t do it, but I am proud of myself. I am proud of my brain for allowing itself to heal.