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Packing Tips for the College Traveller

After spending four months abroad in Hong Kong, the time has come for me to pack up my things and go. More specifically, I’ve got two checked bags, one carry-on and one personal item worth of space.

The semester is winding down and whether you’re packing to head home after your semester abroad, packing for your summer internship or packing for summer travels; these suggestions will lighten your load (literally) in the packing process.

  1. Know your luggage weight and size limits. Pack accordingly and make sure to weigh your bags before the big day as well.
  2. Pack an extra outfit in your carry-on luggage. This will come in handy for long flights or layovers. Also, if your checked baggage happens to get lost or stolen (hey, it could happen to anyone), you will have some extra clothes to wear.
  3. Leave a little extra room in your bags.This mostly applies to people traveling or studying abroad this summer. Try to keep some extra space in your luggage if you plan on buying souvenirs or gifts for people back home. Knick-knacks like shot glasses may not seem to take up much room, but they do when they accumulate from all those European cities you will visit!

What do you think? You can also find tips for packing light at Go Green Travel Green. If you think you need more help in terms of what exactly you should pack for a summer, check out College Fashion’s comprehensive list. Safe Travels!
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