A Night in Davis Library: As Told Through Gifs

With midterms barely behind us and maybe even a few still ahead, there’s nothing like taking a break from the brain trauma to realize that you’re not alone in the library. In honor of those late-nighters, all-nighters and nights where you wonder why you even tried, here is a typical night spent at UNC’s biggest and baddest, Davis Library, as told through Gifs.

1. You walk up to a chair you thought was empty….but it’s not.

2.  And everyone at the table gives you this look

3. Find a seat. Finally. But you realize there’s no outlet to plug in your laptop

4. You consider calling it quits and running home to your bed,

5.  But you tough it out and stay to “study”

(But really you just spend the first 30 minutes on Pinterest or Buzzfeed)

6.  Then this feeling strikes

7. And this one

8. But then… suddenly… someone from your class sends a Google doc

9. And you wish you knew who “Anonymous Ferret” was so you could do this

10.  Feeling hopeful, you finally crack open your textbook.  For the first time this semester…

11.  But ha ha…nevermind that

12.  So you take an Alpine-everything-bagel-break

(or five)

13.  Then you do this for a while

14.  Next,  you reorganize your “study” playlist on Spotify

At least you’re happy about something...

15.  You realize it’s been 4 hours and you’ve accomplished nothing

16. But, you’re crushed when you stop and think of how disappointed your parents will be when you fail

17.  So you cram.  And get easily irritated with people who attempt to distract you.

18. Davis announces that the “resource desk is closing,” aka it’s late now and you’re sleepy

19. You decide to call it quits.  There’s nothing more you can do.

20. Plus, we all know studying probably doesn’t matter. Because when the exam starts we’re all going to feel like this…


The End....and good luck on midterms!