#MovieWeek: Cathartic Movies

For anyone else experiencing a bumpy start to November, let me offer my condolences. I, too, am riding the struggle bus.

The good news is that we’re almost at the end of the semester, and thus, we are that much closer to stuffing ourselves with comfort foods, attempting to compensate for several months of sleep deprivation and loving on our dogs/cats/whatever other pets we have. But for the last few weeks until the bliss that is winter break, I suggest we do ourselves a favor and take a sort of pre-break with some of the most cathartic movies we know. Sometimes, it feels good to see a character in a movie do what we want to do, especially if what we want to do is scream, cry or just straight-up deck somebody in the throat. I am a law-abiding person, and I do not condone violence, so I might as well watch Beatrix Kiddo go ham on some bad guys in both volumes of Kill Bill. Why go through the trouble of intense kung fu training when I could just sit in my pajamas and watch Uma Thurman do it?

And good news, folks, we’re not limited solely to movies for angsty gals. Feeling sad? There’s a movie for that. Lonely, rundown, maybe even desperate? There’s a movie for that too. Hormones out the wazoo? Well, guess what; there’s a movie for it.

See where I’m going with this?

I know that unwinding with a movie is nothing new, but I just thought I’d remind you all that movies are there for you. They’re there for me, and I appreciate it, so I’m here to spread the word. There’s such an immense variety in films that it’s somewhat of a catch-all if you need to take your mind off something, and honestly, there are few things more comforting than watching a childhood favorite for the seven millionth time. It’s good to have an old friend around when times get tough.

Please note, I’m not suggesting that you should just ignore all of your problems and binge TV instead. Rather, I am encouraging a temporary coping system because, sometimes, that’s just what a girl needs to get through the day. If I need to watch Winona Ryder rampage in Heathers or some musical numbers with lady murderers in Chicago (it’s been a tough week), then let me, if that’s what keeps me from losing my head. And, honestly, as much as I hate how easy it is to make me cry, a good cry is what I really need, sometimes. I’m not sure I'll ever want to watch The Notebook again because of the significant emotional trauma it caused me, but you know what? If I feel like I need a heavy sob in my life, then I have no doubt in my mind that it’s sure to do the trick. Movies are an effortless way to kick back, enjoy yourself and, if needed, let it all out.

If you’re still not convinced of a movie’s therapeutic power, let me provide you with some pleasant anecdotes about movie-based hangouts. I got rained on (heavily), during this past Halloween, which was memorable, but a bummer. The remedy? Chilling with some friends and watching movies. We had an eclectic lineup to say the least: Spookley the Square Pumpkin (don’t ask), Igor and In the Tall Grass. And, just this week, I shed a pretty hefty funk of a mood with a Pitch Perfect marathon and, again, some friends.  If you have the time, it doesn’t hurt to ask around for movie buddies. The only thing better than enjoying a movie in the comfort of your own bed is admiring and/or roasting it with your best pals.

Thus concludes another justification for binging Netflix when you should be working. Within reason, of course.

You’re welcome.