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The Most Hyped Bands This Summer

Summer and music are two things that could not go better hand in hand. Summer makes music better and music makes summer better.

But it is also the perfect time to discover new bands and artists because there are concerts, music festivals. You also have ample time to listen to all of these new discoveries.

Although there have been tons of new bands to listen to this summer, here are my top three:

Ed Sheeran
I would love to say I haven’t been seduced by Ed Sheeran and his perfectly written love songs, but that would be a lie of gigantic proportions.

Sheeran sounds similar to James Morrison and writes songs as irresistible as John Mayer (but doesn’t have the ego) so it’s near impossible not to like him.

With an already large fan base in his home country of England, Sheeran gained popularity this summer in America with hits like “The A Team” and “Lego House.” If you like those, you should give his whole album, +, a try because it is just as amazing. So go ahead and enjoy Sheeran in all of his British, ginger-haired glory.

The Weeknd

With three EPs and a Coachella gig under his belt, Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, is on the road to success. I could say similar things about The Weeknd that I have previously said about Ed Sheeran, but the two artists are in no way similar, apart from being amazing.

While Sheeran makes cute, acoustic love songs, The Weeknd makes chilled out, yet trippy R&B that is so unique that you probably don’t have anything like it on your iPod.

But, never fear, because after one listen to any of the Weeknd’s songs, you will be hooked if you aren’t already. You can put this on when you’re studying, when you’re going out, or anything in between. Download all three EPs, House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence, on the Weeknd’s website for free. Make sure to listen to “The Morning” and “What You Need.”

Azealia Banks
If you’ve heard Azealia Banks’ “212”, you probably know she is not the tamest of artists but then again I don’t think “tame” is what Banks is going for. The best comparison for Banks’ music is Nicki Minaj, but Banks is more raw and less pop-oriented.

After growing in popularity for “212” and its crude and explicit lyrics, Banks gained the attention of Kanye West, whom she is rumored to be working with, and is now signed to Interscope/Polydor. According to her highly entertaining Twitter, Banks also might be working with Lady Gaga.

Clearly, this girl is unstoppable, so this is your cue to start listening to all of her music. Her album is not out yet, (It will be out in February 2013.) but she has released many singles including the already mentioned “212” along with two of my other favorites, “Jumanji” and “Liquorice.”

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