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Meet the Team: Jackie Sizing

Hey, everyone! As the editor-in-chief of Her Campus at Chapel Hill, I’m loving this new series in which our readers (you!) get to meet our team. This week, you’re meeting Jackie Sizing, one of our newest writers for Her Campus at Chapel Hill!  You may have read her articles in the past, but if you haven’t, check them out! Jackie is a junior at UNC-CH and hails from Wellesley, Mass. She is currently studying Media and Journalism at the J-School. Meet the person behind the screen!

Why did Her Campus appeal to you?

Her Campus appealed to me because it was a great opportunity to diversify the topics and stories I’d like to cover. I wanted to explore venues other than newspapers.

What is your dream job/career path?

I am unsure, at the moment. The only thing on which I am focused is becoming a better writer. I will probably end up writing for a magazine. However, you never know what will happen in the future. I might be doing something completely different.

What’s something that everyone should know about you?

Something everyone should know about me is that I love Chipotle and coffee. Like, a lot. If you give me gift cards to either Chipotle or Dunkin’ Donuts, we are friends for life.

You only have one birthday present. What do you want? (not money!)

I would want the ability to fly.

What are three movies that describe your life?

Booksmart, Yours, Mine & Ours, and The Croods.


What is your perfect day like?

My perfect day would involve hanging out with my Dad and my sisters in New Hampshire. We have a small cottage on a lake. I am always happy when I am there.

What are your hobbies?

I am a plant mom. I love my plants.
Jagoda Kondratiuk
Jagoda Kondratiuk / Unsplash

Note from the editor: this is what I’m picturing Jackie’s plants look like… don’t rain on my parade.


What is your weirdest talent?

I am double-jointed in most of my fingers. Is that a talent?

What are you most excited to do with Her Campus this year?

I am excited about writing articles that are not news articles. It’s going to be different for me, but a good and important different. I’m also excited to meet and talk to all of the girls on the team!


Jackie Sizing

Chapel Hill '21

Hello! My name is Jackie Sizing, and I am a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill. I enjoy writing about pop culture, lifestyle, and food!
Gennifer Eccles is an alumna at UNC Chapel Hill and the co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Chapel Hill. She studied English and Women & Gender Studies. Her dream job is to work at as an editor for a publishing house, where she can bring her two majors together to help publish diverse, authentic and angst-ridden romance novels.
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