Meet the Team: Grace Yannotta

Hey, everyone! As the editor-in-chief of Her Campus at Chapel Hill, I'm loving this new series in which our readers (you!) get to meet our team. This week, you're meeting Grace, a new writer to our team this semester! Grace is a first-year at UNC-CH studying English and History. She's also pretty local, like me! Without further ado, meet Grace! HXCO, Genni!


Why did Her Campus appeal to you?

I've been writing and publishing for about a year now, and while I've dipped my toes into all the different written forms, creative nonfiction has, by far, been my weakest place. Her Campus is a way for me to hone my skills in this area of writing, while also providing me with a community of like-minded, empowered, writing women.

What is your dream job/career path?

Ideally, I'd like to go into academia, either studying the intersection of history and literature or going straight to Global History, studying and researching revisionism, colonialism, stuff like that. I have hopes of becoming a professor, and... honestly, as long as I'm writing, I'll be okay, but it would be nice to make some money too.

What's something that everyone should know about you?

This question always catches me so off-guard. Every time I get it, I stare blankly at my paper or computer screen for like thirty seconds straight trying to think of something. I promise you, I'm not boring! After some deliberation, I want y'all to know I'm a trashy reality TV nut. That's all.

You only have one birthday present. What do you want? (not money!)

I need some new prints for my dorm! I have a handful up already, but it still looks naked, and my suitemates frequently drag me about it. And rightfully so! Prints, please.

What are three movies that describe your life?

The Grand Budapest Hotel, Much Ado About Nothing (the one with Catherine Tate and David Tennant) and Anastasia!

What is your perfect day like?

I'm an early riser, but I despise alarms with a fervor. Somehow, I wake up well-rested and on the earlier side. I do my laundry, get some brunch and maybe go thrift shopping? I get just enough done work-wise that I feel accomplished, but not so much that I feel like I've blasting my day away doing readings. I close out the night with my friends, and I get to bed early -- but not too early, you know?

What are your hobbies?

I'm an avid letter writer and a writer in general. Working with words takes up a lot of my free time! I'm also active on Tiktok; I'm not going to lie.

What is your weirdest talent?

My wrists and thumbs are really weird, and I think they're double-jointed (I'm not exactly sure), so I can clap with one hand.

What are you most excited to do with Her Campus this year?

I want to keep growing and developing as both a writer and a college-aged woman. Her Campus is really a space where I can embrace my femininity, especially in the literary world, where there still seems to be a stigma against overly-effeminate voices, and I want to take advantage of it.