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Emily Stellman

Meet the Team: Emily Stellman

Hey, everyone! As the editor-in-chief of Her Campus at Chapel Hill, I’m loving this new series in which our readers (you!) get to meet our team. This week, you’re meeting Emily, a new writer to our team, this semester! You’ve probably already read some of Emily’s amazing articles, but check them out if you haven’t! Emily is a junior at UNC-CH, majoring in English and minoring in History. Emily hails from our state capital, Raleigh! Without further ado, meet Emily!


Why did Her Campus appeal to you?

I’ve always loved writing, and I have been told that it’s one of my stronger suits. I wanted to get my foot in the door with professional writing, and I Ioved that Her Campus is specifically for women my age, experiencing the same struggles and victories I am. Girls unite!

What is your dream job/career path?

Museum work is really appealing to me, and I’d love to work for the Smithsonian Institution, maybe even as a curator. Another dream of mine is to become a published author of novels and/or children’s books.

What’s something that everyone should know about you?

I kind of hate how emotional I am. I cry really easily, and my makeup has never looked cute after seeing any remotely emotional movie. Still trying to embrace it.

You only have one birthday present. What do you want? (not money!)

A typewriter! I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a functioning one that looks really old school. I could clack away and channel my inner Kit Kittredge. American Girl, anyone?

What are three movies that describe your life?

Forrest Gump, Beauty and the Beast (the 1991 animated version) and Corpse Bride. I don’t know that Forrest Gump really describes me all that much; I just love everything about it: Tom Hanks, historical fiction, comedy, nostalgia and lots of bittersweet moments. It’s perfect! I say Beauty and the Beast because my parents compare my personality to Belle’s, and I prefer the 1991 version because the classics are just hard to top. As for Corpse Bride, I adore every beautifully spooky Tim Burton film I’ve ever seen; plus, I have a lot of the same interests and character traits as Emily. We even share the same name!

What is your perfect day like?

I’m a Disney hound, so it’s only right to say that I’d spend it at Disney World. EPCOT is my favorite park, but if I only had one day, I’d go to the Magic Kingdom, probably with my mom or my best friends. Big Thunder Mountain, Dole Whip, Minnie ears, parades and fireworks are a recipe for pure joy!

What are your hobbies?

Music is my favorite thing in the world, and I’m pretty much always listening to it. I also watch copious amounts of YouTube videos, and I like to read when I get the chance (I highly recommend Stephen King’s The Outsider).

What is your weirdest talent?

I don’t know if it’s weird, per say, but I’m pretty good at identifying songs after hearing just a short clip of one. Kind of like a human Shazam app.


What are you most excited to do with Her Campus this year?

I’m genuinely excited to learn more about other people’s experiences in writing. I’ve gotten to work with a really cool bunch of ladies, so far, and I can’t wait to get to know them more, both personally and professionally. Our team, no doubt, has a lot of potential for good advice-giving from various backgrounds.
Emily Stellman

Chapel Hill '21

Emily is an aspiring author that studies English and Comparative Literature at UNC. She is also minoring in History and hopes to one day become a lawyer or work in a museum. Her interests include music, doting on her pets and all things Disney!
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