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Let’s Write About Sex, Baby!

We live in a highly sexualized society and on a pretty liberal campus here at UNC-CH. Yet, it seems like there are not many forums for women to talk about sexual experiences and choice. But on the other hand, some of us are not fully comfortable discussing such a private part of our lives. So what’s a girl to do when she wants to learn and talk about sex in a friendly, safe environment? Enter www.collegewomenspeak.com, a website founded by two UNC seniors, Deena and Laura.

The two girls got the idea for the site after they realized that they were the people their friends turned to for sex questions and an open ear for stories. This gave Deena and Laura the idea to have a site for all girls, since not everyone has someone they can talk about sex with. The blog allows for readers to anonymously post stories. The process is a way for readers to come clean about their stories without having their identities attached to the story.

Story topics range from the innocent to the erotic — from pledges of virginity to tales of escapades in the Israeli desert. Each story is deeply personal and contains elements that other readers can relate to. While some stories are simply entertaining others take the time to teach readers a lesson about the consequences of unsafe sex or unwise decisions. Readers also have the ability to comment on other’s stories. Deena and Laura make sure that all of the comments are respectful of the story as well. With that in mind, potential writers for the site should not be afraid to post their story. Deena and Laura also offer this piece of advice, “Don’t think you have nothing to contribute…if you’ve thought about sex even once, you have a story!”

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