Late-Night Cramming as Told by Bob’s Burgers

We’ve all been there. It’s the night before a big midterm and somehow, the days have flown by. There are clubs and homework and friends and, maybe, a job to worry about. But, the day has finally come. That dreaded midterm is tomorrow, and you’re less than prepared. We’ve all experienced it, but here’s the story of late night cramming told by my favorite show, Bob’s Burgers.


Before the storm:

You’re not ready to admit to yourself that it’s time to start studying. You go out to dinner with friends, you let them talk you into going out the weekend before the big test, you enjoy countless cups of YoPo. It’s all fun and games until the night before arrives.

Time to get serious:

You know this time comes eventually, but you always hope it won’t. So you say farewell to your friends for the night and board yourself up in your dorm study lounge, the spooky seventh floor of Davis, or your bed. You tell yourself that you’re going to study all night and cram for this exam. And you’re going to kick its ass.


The Buzz:

In order to stay up for the late night cramming, you have to be properly caffeinated. Whether it’s energy drinks, energy shots, or coffee, it’s a requirement for staying awake. The first few minutes, hell, even hours, are great--you’re feeling the buzz from the caffeine and tackle a good five pages of the fifteen page Google Doc a real-life saint from your class created. You think it’s smooth sailing from here, but the first dosage of caffeine is wearing off. And Netflix looks so inviting.




You have one tab open to Facebook, one tab open to Pinterest. You tell yourself you’ll take a twenty minute break to watch one episode of The Office and you end up here: binge watching the entirety of season three.  You have spaghetti squash recipes pinned, your entire wedding planned, and you’ve thoroughly creeped on your second cousin’s fiancé’s Facebook pictures. You tell yourself it’s time to get back to work, despite your desires to start up season four.

Second time’s the charm:
It’s gotten into the wee hours of the night, and while most of the other suffering students have cleared out on the Google doc study guide, Anonymous Gorilla and Anonymous Hedgehog are still making edits. You try to keep chugging, read a couple more pages, but you need to get up in a few hours anyway so you call it a night.

The sleep:

Because of all the caffeine intake, you toss and turn in your sleep all night. You’re restless and wake up to the sound of your alarm. You feel like you didn’t even sleep five minutes, but the sun is up to disprove your theory.

The exam:


You’re exhausted, your breath smells like coffee, and you have purple bags under your eyes big enough to fit a small chihuahua. You feel like death. You’re willing yourself to remember everything you studied last night when the professor hands out the exams.



Once you’ve turned in your exam, you’re home free! And whether you aced it or “daced it,” in the words of Tina Belcher, you made it out alive. And that deserves a gold star, for sure.

We’ve all been there. And we tell ourselves “never again,” but we all know we haven’t seen the last of late night cramming.