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The Last Month of Senior Year as Told by Gilmore Girls

With graduation just around the corner, the stress and excitement are abundant. From senior events to all-nighters in the Undergraduate Library and last nights with friends, so much is crammed into the last month of school. When I am feeling overwhelmed with the day-to-day, I always turn to my happy place: episodes of "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix.


With less than a month until graduation, here are some things a senior may experience.

When you walk into class after pulling the second all-nighter that week 

Coffee is essential. No one knows this better than Lorelai Gilmore. 

When people ask you what you're doing after graduation

We are still figuring it out. When we know, you will too. 

When you don't think you'll make it to graduation

Emily Gilmore is the queen of sassy one-liners! When all else fails, there is always Reno.

Standing in line to climb the bell tower like

There is nothing like standing in line for five hours to realize your graduating class is HUGE. 

When you hear first-year students talking about the party they went to the night before

Let's be real; you had an awesome night in your pajamas watching Netflix and eating snacks. 

When your teacher gives you the option to do a group project, but you know better

Group projects are the worst. Being an island can be hard, but at least you don't have to deal with other people. 

When your professor moves up your paper deadline

Yes, of course. I can TOTALLY hand in a hard copy of my research paper early. I won't have to stay up all night to finish in time. Never. 

The last girl's night

There is nothing better than eating loads of food with some of your best friends in the world. You're going to miss them. 

When it's your last LDOC

It's time to celebrate! And definitely not think about the finals you are about to take. 

Not wanting to say goodbye 

Let's face it; you wouldn't have been able to survive college without them. You may all be going different ways, but you will never be out of each other's lives for good. 

Lura McCraw

Chapel Hill '19

A Senior at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in English who loves reading, Netflix binging, traveling and taking pictures of her cats.
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