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Kate Middleton: All She Does is Win

Possibly the most envied woman in the world, her wedding will be the celebration of a century and will go down in history. Not only is she marrying the possible future King of England, she is a strong and determined woman who has handled ridicule and enormous pressure with class and good taste.

You’ve got to give it to her. Kate wears such fashionable and trendy outfits, some of which only someone in her position can pull off. She has big shoes to fill; Princess Diana was known for her unique fashion picks and became a trendsetter herself.

Middleton worked as an accessory buyer for the clothing brand Jigsaw in England and has been on several “Best Dressed” lists, but her biggest contribution to the fashion world will no doubt come on Friday, April 29, 2011.

When Kate steps out of the Rolls Royce she’s arriving in at Westminster Abbey, millions of eyes will be on one thing: her dress.

It’s been said that when Princess Diana’s dress was seen there were copies on sale within six hours of the wedding. No doubt, designers will plan on doing the same for Kate if not faster. There is so much speculation surrounding her dress: what style, what fabric, what veil and, most of all, what designer?

Kate often wears English designers and many believe she will do the same on her big day. Kate has been very involved in planning the wedding and is putting her unique stamp on every detail, varying from some of the traditional plans that royal weddings entail.

The Rolls Royce she is arriving in is usually a horse drawn carriage. The wedding day is planned, down to the second. When Prince Charles and Princess Diana married she was supposed to arrive at St. Paul’s Cathedral at 11:11 a.m. and requested that her driver please drop her off a fashionable two minutes late, they compromised on arriving 30 seconds late. Certainly a strong willed woman like Kate will want to do the same.

Of course, the most important accessory Kate will be wearing on the lovely couple’s wedding day is the ring. Not just any old ring, although it is historic, but an 18 carat sapphire with 14 smaller white diamonds surrounding the beautiful blue jewel. It had been Princess Diana’s ring.

The presence of Prince William’s late mother will be surrounding the joyous day in several ways. Not only is Kate wearing Diana’s engagement ring, but the funeral for Princess Diana was held in Westminster Abbey where William and Kate will be married.

After Friday, “Waitie Katie” (as she was called when William was away training in the military) will become Princess Catherine. I think after all the harassment Ms. Middleton has withstood she will no doubt fit her role well and make her mark in the royal line, and in Wales.
For more information on Kate Middleton and Prince William’s engagement or wedding plans tune in to the Lifetime Channel for their original movie or documentary series about the wedding. 

Brittany is a senior Visual Communications major in the UNC-CH School of Journalism and an Entrepreneurship minor, originally from Frederick, MD. This summer she interned in the fashion department of O, The Oprah Magazine in NYC. She has interned at the Durham Herald-Sun Newspaper and as a multi-media producer for the UNC Foreign Language Department and School of Education. Brittany enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing, water sports and all things to do with the beach. In the future she hopes to work in the magazine industry, travel and continue practicing yoga.
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