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“It’s Friday, I’m in love” (like The Cure lyrics)

After four days of looking forward to it, Friday is finally here. The sunrises are sweeter, the students are happier, and the newspaper is wittier (everyone loves a good kvetch). The walk to class may still seem unnecessarily long and sweaty, but Friday is quite possibly the best day of the week (rivaled only by its free-spirited sister, Saturday). It’s a well-deserved reward for successfully completing a long week of homework and extracurriculars. Leaving your last MoWeFr class is like proudly closing your geology (or chemistry, or English) book after a long reading assignment: its’ a sigh of relief, followed by a satisfied little smile. Yep, it’s the weekend. Embrace it!

The sun rises over slowly over Manning Drive as students in the Morrison dorm unconsciously appreciate every last minute of sleep before their alarms go off.

A typical Friday-morning bedroom, with shoes slightly askew and the omni-seasonal Christmas lights setting the festive Friday mood.

During the great-migrational class change on the Quad, these guys (along with the steady stream of students behind them) are definitely excited that it’s Friday.

It’s Friday, and he’s in love with the kvetch column.

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