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It’s a Whole New World with 30 Days Left

Getting eliminated from the NCAA tournament hurt.

Seniors: Your heart broke.  No more Carolina basketball as a UNC student.  No National Championship. No rushing Franklin and being part of the epic panoramic photo hung everywhere in Chapel Hill.

Class starts in 5 minutes, and you know you’re going to have to climb across six people to get to a free seat…your walk turns into a subtle awkward run.

Seniors: You don’t speed up.  You actually start walking slower… hey at least you’re showing up.

It’s Wednesday.  That means only 3 more days until the weekend.  Can’t we just skip ahead?

Seniors: It’s Wednesday.  Wednesday is great.  Heck, even Monday is great.  As long as you’re walking through the quad and living it up in college there’s no need to speed ahead.

You have an exam tomorrow, but your friends are going out.  You begrudgingly turn down the invite and camp out in the library.

Seniors: Did someone say go out?!  You’re one of the first ones at the bar.  Some of your best work has been accomplished while hungover.

Friday classes suck.

Seniors: Good thing you don’t have Friday classes… and haven’t since junior year.

GPA is King.

Seniors: GPA? You mean JOB.  Jobs are King.  You’d gladly accept a C- in return for a job after graduation.

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Jenny Bingham

Chapel Hill

Jenny is an aspiring journalism and communications professional in her senior year at UNC-Chapel Hill.  She has spent her summers living in Manhattan, working for fashion PR firms while writing about the sights, sounds and fashion that inspire her.  Check out more: SweetTeaAndMemories.com.
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