I Let My Boyfriend Pick Which Horror Movies I Watched for a Weekend

My boyfriend is a self-proclaimed horror movie connoisseur. He refuses to watch a horror movie that doesn’t have a good rating on Rotten Tomatoes or has a poorly edited trailer. In our two years together, we have watched many, many, many, many horror movies – not that I’m complaining.

I’m also a fan of horror movies; I don’t scare easily when watching them, and I think it’s interesting how artists can put an edge on anything to fit into the horror genre. Horror movies are creative, and sometimes they can have deep symbolism that opens your eyes to a new perspective.

Since it is October, and Halloween is right around the corner, I have been craving something scary to watch. Now, my time is precious, and I have problems committing to things that end up sucking, so I decided to take some time during Fall Break to watch a list of horror movies on Netflix that my boyfriend guaranteed would scare me.

For those that are also struggling to find that perfect scary movie to jog their Halloween juices, here is the list, as well as my reactions to them:



Right off the bat, I knew I was going to like this movie. The main character is a deaf writer living alone in a cabin in the woods. Already, this sounds fantastic and kinda cheesy, right? Well, you’re not quite wrong. It definitely had the perfect setup for a horror movie thriller. I was prepared to have my heart racing with adrenaline, but Hush had it racing in both adrenaline and fear. Great movie, 10/10 would recommend.

How did it do amping me up for Halloween? Eh, it was all right. It satisfied the craving for horror just enough but could have done better.

The Conjuring

My first thought was "the Clapping Movie?" When I realized it was: Oh my god!!!

So, I can’t tell if this movie is scary-scary, or if it just did well with jump scares. Upon reflecting on it, it’s a mixture of the two. The director did a great job with creating suspense and then scaring the crap out of us with something popping out.

Am I Halloween Ready? I’m spooked! This is one that’s great for any kind of horrifying mood.

As Above, So Below

Found footage films are one of my favorite types of horror movies. Something about it being in first person POV just really gets me invested. This movie was a great watch and incorporated many religious aspects that scared me fairly well. There’s a whole new meaning in dealing with personal demons in this movie.

Am I shivering out of fear or excitement? My heart won’t stop racing! I’m starting to feel it now!

Creep & Creep 2

Now, I know that these are two different movies but since they are part of the same franchise I figured I can marathon them back to back without a problem.

I…have no words for these two movies. I think people should watch both of them for themselves. It’s another found film type movie and is really unnerving.

Hallow-ready? I am definitely spooked and excited. The best kind of creeped out.

Before I Wake

This is a great movie. It’s a Netflix original, and, let me tell you, Netflix did very well with it. The cinematography was fairly good, in my opinion. Surprisingly, this movie had a very sad but sweet ending. It’s interesting how they took a real-life scare and used it as a plot twist.

Level of Halloween Spirit: I am nearly ready. The next movie might push me to the goal!

The Ritual

The Ritual, another Netflix original, was an interesting movie. It’s set up like a typical “a bunch of friends go hiking in the woods and stray from the path” horror movie, but the paranormal part of it is still pretty scary.

Worth the watch for Halloween Spirit? Maybe. I wasn’t very scared by it, but it pushed me just enough to be excited and in the Halloween mood. I’m talking about costume ideas, room decorations, candies, the whole nine yards.