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I Dare You: Fashion & Beauty Challenges to Get You Out of a Winter Rut

This semester is impossible. Classes are harder, basketball season is way too distracting, and it seems like the bars are getting better and better drink specials each day. All of it is taking its toll, and now you’re stuck in a rut. You’re probably guilty of wearing your sweats to class far too often, or throwing your hair in a sloppy ponytail as you leave the house every day. Enough is enough. Try these dares to get yourself out of your Second Semester Blahs.

1) For the “Ponytail Girl”: You know who you are. You’ve worn your hair in a ponytail everyday for the past two weeks and your New Year’s Resolution of waking up early in the morning to blow dry and straighten just really isn’t working out. Enter Ponytail.

Dare 1: I dare you to mix it up and learn a new way to do your hair with minimal time and effort. Take a study break and watch some Youtube tutorials of fishtails, cute twisted updos, messy buns, milkmaid braids, or any other type of hairstyle you’ve always wanted to learn but never got around to.

Dare 2: This is a big one, but I did it and so can you! I dare you to dye your hair. You can get crazy with it like I did (going from blonde to dark brown) or you can just change it up a little bit, but I guarantee the change will make you want to try out as much as you can. Check out the hottest color trends of 2012 as well as some tips on how to dye yourself if your ready to take the color plunge!

2) For the “Pretty Polish Girl”: Good for you for actually painting your nails (if you do), but aren’t the muted pinks and reds getting a little blah?

Dare 1: Put on some bling. Well, not really. Paint your nails a solid color (taupe, teal, pink, and dark blue all work really well for this). Skip your ring finger. Paint your ring fingernails a glittery polish from the same color family as the rest of your nails. Don’t forget topcoat!

Dare 2: If you’re feeling creative and the surgeons on Grey’s Anatomy have inspired you to try out how steady your hands are… Paint a design. Check out weheartit.com for some cool ideas or check out the plethora of Youtube tutorials like these zipper nails, Spongebob nails, and stunna shade nails.

3) The “‘I’m going to the gym after class’ Girl”: Are you really going to the gym after class or are your athletic leggings and XL tee just easier to grab than jeans and a top? I’m thinking the latter. If you really are going to the gym, props, but can’t you just bring your gym clothes with you?

Dare 1: Stop wearing sweats. Sounds easy enough, but really. Go a whole week without leggings, norts, sweats, etc. Do so by planning out your outfits ahead of time. Take 10 minutes out of Sunday study time to write down what you want to wear the following week. Knowing what to wear even takes a few minutes out of your morning routine! Hello, snooze button. Figure out your body type and go through your closet. Figure out what looks good for your shape and what doesn’t. Take everything you hate, the things you never wear, and all the clothes that make you self-conscious and toss ‘em, donate ‘em, or try your luck at consignment shops. Then, take yourself shopping and find clothes that you’re excited to wear.

Dare 2: If you’re a fashion pioneer just stuck in a sweats phase, choose a literary character, Disney character, or fashion icon and try to copy his/her style. Don’t try to wear everything you find at once unless you actually feel like looking like Alice in Wonderland or it’s Halloween on Franklin, but DO get some inspiration from your favorite characters. If you’re unsure of how to do this, check out Disney-themed or Hunger Games-themed Polyvores like this.


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