#HerCampusWeek: What is Her Campus at Chapel Hill and Why You Should Join!

It's almost the end of Fall semester and that means no more school (yay! - at least for a month) and Spring recruitment for Her Campus at Chapel Hill! 

If you haven't heard of us yet (gasp) we’re a collaborative and interactive online magazine which aims to be a multi-platform resource for the Carolina student body providing content that is both a source of news and entertainment. Our mission is to empower and inspire, writers, readers, and creators to express their opinions, voice, and creations in a supportive environment.

As a branch of HerCampus.com, the content of Her Campus Chapel Hill is written by UNC students and is a supplement to the national content that is created for college women everywhere. We highlight campus news, events, interesting students, faculty, alumni, fashion, and lifestyle pieces specifically tailored for students at UNC-Chapel Hill.

If you've started to get interested, check out our article on Why You Should Join Her Campus at Chapel Hill.

Still not convinced? I've got you covered. All week long we'll be introducing you to the badass ladies who help make Her Campus at Chapel Hill the organization it is in our second installment of Meet the Team! And who knows, maybe you'll be featured in one of our next Meet the Team installments!!

Convinced now? Make sure to come out to our final events for the Fall semester (did I mention giveaways and free food!), follow us on social @hercampusch and drop us an email for more info at [email protected].