#HerCampusWeek: Meet the Marketing and Publicity Team

Co-Marketing and Publicity Directors 

Mary Chiappetta & Julia Slawek (See more about these awesome ladies our Meet the Executive Team!)

Marketing and Publicity Assistants 


Glamar Galeas 


Class of 2020


Exercise & Sport Science and English double major


Mocksville, North Carolina

What’s your favorite Marketing and PR campaign?

My favorite Publicity Campaign so far has been publicizing events for the week of WOW here at UNC. UNC's Week of Welcome events serve to help our incoming students with overcoming the transition of on campus life. Due to our dedication towards social media and getting the word out, The Week of Welcome in 2017 allowed our board (The Tar Heel Beginnings Board) to reach more publicity and followers than the Student Union on social media platforms. We influenced over 2,000 incoming first years and current students whose interest in our events, allowed our purpose as a board to flourish.

What's your dream company to work for?

If I had the opportunity to work for a company it would have to be either the New York Times Company, Apple, or Google.

Favorite Greek goddess? (or any goddess really)

My favorite Greek Goddess is the Goddess Athena. I admire her wisdom and strength, plus who wouldn't wanna be a tough goddess of war?

If you could go to any concert - at any point in time - who would it be?

My dream concert would be the band Young the Giant, specifically at the Ritz in Raleigh!

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this year?

The best thing that has happened to me this year started off kinda sad. I ran in my 3rd 5k at UNC and I sprained my ankle. I thought it was over for me but I pushed through and it paid off. I improved my time by a whole four minutes. I did not win, but I beat my best time and that was the best reward of all!  


Vaughan Poole


Class of 2021


Media and Journalism - Public Relations and Advertisement,  Entrepreneurship and Business minor 


Charlotte, North Carolina

What’s your favorite Marketing and PR campaign? 

Always: Like a Girl

What's your dream company to work for? 

The Skimm

Celebrity crush and why?

My celebrity crush is easily Jude Law

Favorite way to eat a potato?

If I eat a potato it's going to be fried

If you could bring back any fashion trend what would it be?

I'm all about bringing heelys back so I can roll through airports.