#HerCampusWeek: Meet the Graphic Design and Photography Team

Graphic Design and Photography Team

Graphic Design


Rebecca Hutchinson


Class of 2021


Public Policy and  Psychology double major,  Education minor


Hickory, North Carolina

How did you get into Graphic Design?

I got into graphic design when I became the public relations chair for an organization I was in. I didn't have any experience whatsoever with design, but I honestly fell in love with it.

What companies or organization's graphic design style do you like most?

Gals on the Go podcast has the cutest graphic design style, they have a great aesthetic.

Current obsession?

My current obsession is Gossip Girl, I had never gotten into it when it was popular, but I literally cannot fit enough episodes into the day.

Celebrity crush and why?

My celebrity crush is Jason Momoa, aka Aquaman Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, he is so funny on his Instagram and he is just such a MAN!

If you could go to any concert - at any point in time - who would it be?

If I could go to any concert, I would want to go to Ariana Grande, her music has been my thing lately. She is coming to NC this summer so I hope I get to go!