#HerCampusWeek: Meet the Events Team

Events Director

Raina He (See more about this awesome lady our Meet the Executive Team!)

Events Assistants


Jamison McLean


Class of 2020


English major with a Creative Writing Concentration


Charlotte, North Carolina

What’s your dream event to put on/host? 

If we’re talking dreams, I would love to host a Girlboss Rally on campus. Sophia Amoruso’s collections of successful women from all different walks of life are redefining what being successful looks like, and as a true millennial, I want some of that energy here on my campus.

What celebrity would you like to throw/plan an event for? 

I would love to plan/throw a night with Wes Anderson. The night would include a screening of his new movie, a meal featuring squab, and the most amazing fashion.

Current obsession?

I have lots of obsessions, currently, but beverages feature heavily. Boba in milk tea, kombucha, and jasmine tea are just a few of what I'm loving, right now.

If you could go to any concert - at any point in time - who would it be?

I know it’s not a concert, but I would love to see Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan recording together in 1969. They changed folk/Americana music forever, and I would love to be in the room while they played together.

Favorite way to eat a potato?

My favorite way to eat a sweet potato is fried covered in cinnamon sugar. If you haven't been to Al's Burger Shack, head over and treat yo' self with some sweet potato fries with a Sean's Bacon Cheddar Burger tonight!



Paige Pennebaker


Class of 2021


English major, Creative Writing minor


Eden, North Carolina

What’s your dream event to put on/host? 

A masquerade ball

What celebrity would you like to throw/plan an event for? 

Jason Momoa

If you could remake a movie from your childhood what would it be? / If they’ve already remade it, what would you do differently?

Lady in the Water because it was so beautifully done already but I'd love to see it with better graphics

Favorite teacher from high school or before?

Ms. Steagall because she was the chillest person I've ever met.

What advice would you give to yourself at age 8? 12? 16?

At any age, I just want her to love herself, keep her head up, and don't be afraid to do things for herself. Things will be okay, just stop stressing.