#HalloWeek: How to Get into the Spooky Mood

When I was a kid, it seemed natural to get into the Halloween spirit at the beginning of the month. I would plan my costumes months in advance and finish the final touches throughout the month; I would plan out the horror movies I would watch on Halloween and the week before; I would drink apple cider and find season-appropriate pajamas and socks for when I wanted to get cozy. As I get older, however, getting into the spirit seems harder every year. I don’t know if it’s the warm weather or the lack of enthusiastic friends, but I find that I have to work to get into a spooky mood for the season. If you are also having a hard time focusing on the best holiday of the year, I have a few tips that will help.

  1. 1. Watch Your Favorite Spooky Movies

    The best way to prepare for Halloween is a month-long watch party full of the spookiest horror movies. Whether you’re into gore, thrillers or Halloweentown, make a list of your favorite season-appropriate movies and check them off, once you’ve watched them. Even if you only watch one movie a week, your list will help set the tone for Spooky Season.

  2. 2. Attend a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Showing

    One of my favorite Halloween traditions is to go to a local interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show showing. It’s fun at any time of year, but especially during Halloween, when everyone is encouraged to dress up and act out. There’s no pressure, and it’s only weird if you’re not being weird.

  3. 3. Visit Your Local Halloween Store to Get Inspiration

    Do you have costume block? When I’m not in the spooky spirit, it’s hard for me to think about costume ideas (let alone a couples’ costume). For an easy cure, walk around your local Halloween store. It’s better than browsing online because you can immerse yourself in all things horror. The decorations, the costumes, the enthusiastic kids – the environment alone will get you psyched for Halloween.

  4. 4. Carve Pumpkins

    A classic. Carving pumpkins is the ultimate Halloween tradition. Even if you can’t afford (or don’t want) Halloween decorations, pumpkins are a perfectly acceptable decoration for the season, and painting or carving them is always a fun time. The seeds make a great snack too!

  5. 5. Halloween Parties

    Costume parties, ghost hunting parties, pumpkin carving parties – Halloween has always been a perfect occasion for a get-together. Who doesn’t want to dress up, eat candy, drink crazy cocktails and do spooky activities with their friends?