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#HalloWeek: 11 Simple (Yet Cute) Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

1. Georgie from IT

IT Chapter 2’s release in September brought back a resurgence of the IT and Pennywise craze. If a clown costume isn’t your thing, another IT character to dress up as is Georgie. All you need for the costume is a yellow raincoat, rain boots and a red balloon.

2. Queen/King of Hearts

Okay, I have a confession. I actually heard about this one from my parents, who are dressing up as the Queen and King of Hearts for a Halloween party (and if that’s not the definition of relationship goals, IDK what is).

A cute spin on the character only requires a red outfit and a deck of cards!

3. Velma from Scooby-Doo

Velma is a classic simple-yet-cute costume, with just a few elements: an orange turtleneck, a pleated skirt and her signature round glasses. Honestly, anyone from the Scooby gang is a great and easy DIY costume idea. The Mystery Incorporated group also makes for an awesome squad costume!

4. Rosie the Riveter

Not only is Rosie the Riveter a feminist icon, but she’s also a perfect last-minute costume! Most of the costume contains items that a lot of us already have in our closets. A denim button-down, some jeans and a red bandana are fairly easy to find even if you don’t already own them. If you don’t want to buy the items, ask your friends if you can borrow from their closets!

5. E-Girl/E-Boy

The e-girl and e-boy trend, originating from the social media app TikTok, is a very relevant and trendy costume. This costume includes things like graphic tees layered over long-sleeve shirts, dressed up with accessories such as fishnets and silver chains. If you need some style inspiration, try researching e-girl/e-boy style boards on Pinterest (or, just spending some time on TikTok will do, as well). 

6. Scarecrow

Not only is a scarecrow costume adorable, but it’s also very festive for the fall season. Throw on a plaid shirt (maybe a straw hat too), look up a makeup tutorial on YouTube and you’re good to go!

If you’re looking for a scarier costume, try a creepy version.

7. Pop-Art

A pop-art costume focuses more on makeup than clothes. If you’re unfamiliar with pop-art or makeup in general, you may need to do a little research for this one. It might be helpful to look up some inspiration photos and watch a few makeup tutorials, before you get started on your own look.

8. Kim Possible

This is actually what I’m going to be for Halloween! I had the majority of the items already in my closet, so I only had to order a couple of things off Amazon. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable would be a cute joint costume, as well.

9. Cactus

This costume is probably the one that requires the most effort on this list, but it’s worth it! It only requires a green shirt or dress, some white pipe cleaners and fabric glue (all of which you can find at your local craft store). You’ll also need a flower crown, which you can buy or make if you don’t already own one.

10. Princess Leia

Princess Leia is such a significant figure in pop-culture that all you really need to represent the character is an all-white outfit and her signature bun hairstyle.

11. A Sim

If all else fails, dressing up as a Sim character is a super easy costume. You can DIY the “plumbob”  headband or buy one etsy.com for a clever, last-minute costume. 


Madison Prentice

Chapel Hill '23

Madison is a first-year from Cary, North Carolina. She's an Advertising & Public Relations major with a minor in Spanish for Business. You can find her on Instagram at @mcprentice or on Twitter at @mcprentice8.