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Franklin’s Finest: Popular Halloween Costumes

Despite Halloween falling on a Sunday, thousands showed up for the Franklin Street celebrations. Halloween goers traipsed up and down Franklin admiring costumes. People stopped to take pictures and socialize with friends, old and new. This year’s popular costumes included Lady Gaga, the cast of Jersey Shore and Scooby Doo. Many girls also donned the “Single Ladies” outfit. But it wouldn’t have been Halloween without YouTube sensation Antoine Dodson impersonators!

Cast of Jersey Shore

Seniors Gabby Gioia and Krista Jasper were Second Place this year in our Costume Contest!  Their Avatar costumes were creative and well done.  Great job, girls!  Thanks for submitting your photo. 

Single Ladies: The Single Ladies came out in droves this year! With groups dressing to impress Beyoncé, they won’t be alone for long!

Scooby Doo: Scooby and his gang all have easy costumes to whip together in a short amount of time. And who doesn’t love that mystery solvin’ Great Dane?

Antoine Dodson: Hide yo kids, hide yo wife! Antoine Dodsons warn the crowds on Franklin.

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