Four Awesome Summertime Suggestions for Collegiettes

In less than a week, Carolina students will be bidding farewell to the most majestic campus for a well-deserved three month break that is our summer. Summer is a great opportunity to pursue other interests that you might not have time for during the school year. If you are having trouble discovering the ideal summer for you, Her Campus lists some suggestions that are guaranteed to make a memorable summer break!

1.   Make a bucket list.

First step: it’s all about commitment. By writing down your most desired ambitions, you are more likely to remember and make them happen. Whether it is color coordinated (for the more organized collegiettes!) or just a plain list, write them down! You can refer back to it and cross items off when you complete them. To make it even more exciting, make a bucket list with one of your closest friends to have even more memorable experiences.

2.  Celebrate your friends - and make new ones!

Grab your girlfriends and head out on a spontaneous adventure. Having your best friends by your side for the summer is a guaranteed way to make a memories. Whether it’s a movie night in or a girls night out, don’t forget to spend time with your friends. If you have time, try planning a road trip- to the beach or the lake. Vacations with your friends are great because you get to spend time with them and you have the opportunity to make new ones. Meeting new people on vacation is one of the best parts of summer break!

3.  Take on an internship.

If you are looking for a more productive summer, try out an internship. Summertime can be relaxing but can also be a time for productivity. Do you have a dream job? Try applying internships in that field. You will gain more knowledge and contacts within the industry. If you are unsure about your interests, internships are a great way to test the waters. You could land in a new city with different opportunities and experiences that would be both exciting and productive.

4.  Go outside.

Yes, that means parting with binge watching the whole Gossip Girl series on Netflix. Are there mountains near you? Go hike them. If you don’t have mountains, find some woods. How about a lake? Go swimming, or kayaking or canoeing. One of the best things about summer is the warm weather- take advantage of it! Take a tent, some friends and a large bag of puffy marshmallows and camp out somewhere.

Most of all Tar Heels, don’t forget to enjoy yourself no matter what you are doing over summer break!