Five Ways to Jazz Up Your Box of Cake Mix

5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Box of Cake Mix



I have loved to bake since I was little. My two older brothers would put in requests for treats they wanted on the weekends, and it wasn’t long before I was the family’s designated baker on holidays and just when someone had the craving for something sweet. And while I mostly make the goodies from scratch, I was never able to master a good cake. They came out dry and crumbly every time. So I made friends with boxed cake mix. And let me tell you: that stuff is the freaking bees knees. Delicious cake, every time. Then instructions for cake mix cookies were printed on the side of the box and I thought what else this stuff do? Apparently a lot. Here’s 5 ways to use cake mix for something other than cake. To all my fellow bakers out there, this one’s for you.


1. Funfetti Dip


Who remembers Dunkaroos? If you were lucky enough to open your lunchbox in elementary school and see one of those beauties, it was like winning the lunch lotto. Unfortunately, to everyone’s horror, those cookie/icing dippers have been discontinued in America, like Kinder chocolate and everything else good in the world. But that’s a whole other rant. If you’re ever feeling nostalgic for your favorite childhood snack, look no further. Blogger Alyssa Adams has created a cake flavored dip that is reminiscent of Dunkaroos. You can hop on over here for the recipe or to drool over the pictures. For the more chocolate inclined, there’s a recipe for that, too.


2. Pancakes


The beautiful thing about college is that you can eat whatever you want for breakfast. And these cake mix pancakes are the balanced breakfast of your dreams. For some reason, pancakes are accepted in the world of breakfast food. Cake, sadly, is not. So here’s your chance to be sneaky.  They taste like cake but look like pancakes. What could go wrong? Nothing. You can alter bloggers Julie, Maddie and Kinslee’s recipe to your liking by changing the flavor of cake mix you use. Chocolate cake mix with peanut butter chips, or perhaps red velvet mix and cream cheese icing. The possibilities are endless.


3. Muddy Buddies


Muddy buddies, puppy chow, muddy chow, puppy buddies. Whatever you call it, we can agree on two things: it’s amazing and, without muddy buddies, Chex cereal would be useless. Cake batter muddy buddies take a little bit of a different turn by using white chocolate and yellow cake mix. You can find the recipe here. But for the diehard chocolate lovers out there, try the classic peanut butter and chocolate with devil’s food cake mix for an evilly delicious combo.


4. Hot chocolate


Right now, it’s that awkward in between where the morning is frigid and the afternoon makes you regret the sweater you wore to class. But cold weather is fast approaching and pretty soon we’ll be switching in our frappuccinos and iced coffees for something of the warmer variety. Sure, you could stick with lattés and cider. But hear this: red velvet hot chocolate. You’re not dreaming. It really exists. And bloggers Trevor and Jennifer make theirs with, you guessed it, cake mix. This recipe is easily adaptable to suit your tastes. Try chocolate mix and chips for a classic cocoa or even white cake with white chocolate chips or almond bark. All you need is a cute mug, a peppermint stick, and marshmallows or whipped cream and you’re set for winter.

5. Cinnamon rolls


Sneaking cake into breakfast is a skill we all must learn, starting with pancakes and finishing at cinnamon rolls. Canned cinnamon rolls are delicious, of course, but if you’re a baker or you’re just feeling adventurous, this is the recipe for you. It takes more preparation and time than the others, but the feeling of victory once they come out of the oven and you get to enjoy your homemade treat is worth it. And definitely worthy of bragging rights. Scoot on over here for the recipe.



Whether you’re a seasoned baker or not, these recipes are definitely worth a try. Who knew that little cake mix box held so much power? Happy baking, my sweets!