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Five Things You Didn’t Know about the UNC Basketball Team

1.     Tyler Zeller is a total nerd

As a business school student and an Academic All American, it’s a pretty well known fact that Tyler Zeller gets good grades. What most people don’t know is exactly how much of a brain Zeller is. According to his old roommate, Paul Burke, Zeller locks himself in his room and studies for hours on end. But, the fun doesn’t stop there. According to Burke, Zeller will call his friends while he’s doing homework … just to tell them about his homework. Dork status? I think yes. But don’t worry Zeller, you keep making those jumpers and we’ll forget all about your late-night, scholarly phone calls.

2.     Kendall Marshall has a teeny tiny shoe obsession (wait, we do too!)

Although I may be the opposite of #KendallMarshall – starting with the fact that I can barely dribble a basketball – we do have one thing in common. We both absolutely #loveshoes. Kendall’s shoes may be made by Nike and mine may be made by Steve Madden, but who is really counting? If you follow @kbutter5 on twitter, he’ll loves to hashtag #todayskicks along with a twitpic of some pretty #sickkicks. Here’s my real question for Kendall. #doyouhavemoreshoesthanme? #thatsimpressive

3.     Dexter Strickland dates Austin Rivers’s sister

That’s right. Our very own Dexter Strickland dates Callie Rivers – the sibling of UNC arch nemesis Austin Rivers. Although us Tar Heels aren’t the biggest fan of her brother, we are happy that Dexter has found a little love.

4.     Reggie Bullock jams out to Adele!

According to a source in the athletics department, Bullock loves this sultry songstress.

(Lyrics adapted from Rolling in the Deep)

Baby, I have a story to be told

But I’ve heard one on you

And I’m gonna make your head burn

Think of Creighton, Ohio, Duke of your despair

Make a home down there

As mine sure won’t be shared

The scars of the Creighton game remind me of that

They keep me thinking that we’re gonna have it all

The scars of the Creighton game, they leave me breathless

I can’t help feeling

We’re gonna have it alllll-ah-allllll

Rolling in the hooooop-ooo-ooop

You had the ball inside of your hand

And you played it, to the beeeee-eeeat

See what I did there?!?

5.     @hensonswrist let’s cuddle tonight

Somehow both John Henson’s and Kendall Marshall’s wrists have taken on lives of their own and started tweeting. If you ever want a little laugh, or some inspiration, follow @hensonswrist and @kbutterswrist on Twitter. Here are some of their most creative tweets:

@hensonswrist: stop putting ice on me its soo cold and lemme eat dis bacon@_John_Henson_
@kbutterswrist: gettin’ plastered.
@hensonswrist: Chopsticks were a bad idea tonight #smw #unc
@kbutterswrist: I’ve become so numb.
@kbutterswrist: this shit CREIGH!

Kendall’s shoes (photo): https://twitter.com/#!/KButter5/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Flockerz…

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