Five Must-Watch YouTube Vloggers

In our technology-crazed society it only makes sense that YouTube and blogging came together to make vlogging. So what is this all about? Who are these girls talking about beauty and styling?Vloggers can be great—especially if you’re new to doing makeup and hair. Learning things such as winged eyeliner and French braids is made easy on YouTube. However, there are so many different vloggers that it can be difficult to sift through them to figure out which ones are worth watching. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it is a good start to figuring out which vloggers are worth your time!

1.  Nicole GuerrieroThe down to earth diva. Nicole is so much fun to watch, from makeup tutorials to clothing hauls to hair tips, she covers it all. Although she is fabulous she provides tips that are accessible to all girls and is so relatable. Definitely check her out!

2.     beautycrushThe friendly rocker chick. Sam is fierce and covered in tattoos but her channel provides tips and tricks that every girl needs to know. She’s sweet and has a unique style that is always on trend and on point. Check her out here!

3.     Shirley B. EniangMiss MAC. Shirley is great, she also provides videos that cover a wide range of topics but they each have their own style to them. She is also the MAC makeup queen and applies her makeup flawlessly. See for yourself!

4.     Teni - MissMaven.comSimply Sassy. Teni focuses mainly on makeup tutorials but also covers a few other topics. She applies her makeup with a light touch—hence “simply sassy”—but just enough to take her look to the next level. Her tutorials are very easy to follow and always fun to watch.

5.     Patricia BrightThe self-esteem queen. Patricia is definitely the go-to girl for a self-esteem pick me up. While she has tons of makeup, hair, and fashion videos, she also talks a lot about the importance of self-esteem and loving yourself. She has a great sense of humor and is definitely worth clicking that subscribe button for!