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I am a November baby, so I love fall. It's my favorite season. I like the colder weather, colorful leaves, pumpkins, and, of course, the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. My favorite things to do in the fall are drink apple cider, watch cheesy Hallmark movies and craft. This year, it's still a little warm outside for apple cider, and I don't have cable TV, which means no Hallmark movies. But, I can still craft!

A few days ago as I scoured YouTube for some DIY fall decor inspiration, I found a couple of ideas that seemed like they would be a good fit for my crafting and decorating style. I put my own spin on them, but I have linked two videos below to credit the creators who came up with the original ideas. Both of these videos are DOLLAR TREE fall decor. As in, you head to Dollar Tree, rummage through the shelves for inspiration and go to town. Whether you like decorating, DIYing or just finding really cute and small fall lights that you don't need (guilty), you can find tons of supplies for a really low cost. I had a lot of fun with these DIYs, so hopefully you find some inspiration to get crafty. 

DIY Door Wreath

The first, and my personal favorite, is the door wreath. I got this idea from the YouTuber @GlueGunsAndRoses in her Dollar Store DIY Decor Video. 


1. Wrap your wreath mold in pipe cleaners to create a colorful background for your faux greenery. I used a sparkly orange color that I found in the back of the store.

2. Pull apart any fake flowers or greenery you want to use for this DIY. I used Maple Leaf and Wheat bundles.

3. Lay your design over top of your wreath so you know where you want to put your individual leaves, grasses, flowers and other decorations. This step is optional — I actually skipped it, oops — but it's helpful if you want your wreath to be symmetrical.

4. Start attaching your faux greenery. I took a pipe cleaner, threaded it through the holes in the greenery and then wrapped it around the wreath. You could use hot glue or liquid adhesive if you have it and are willing to wait for it to dry, but I'm impatient.

5. Thread a pipe cleaner through one or two of the wreath supports so you can hang your wreath. My apartment door did not have a wreath hook, so I attached a pipe cleaner to my wreath and threaded it through our door knocker. You can skip this step if you already have a hook to hang your wreath.

That's it! Super easy, and it turns out really cute!!

Price Breakdown:

Wreath mold: $1

Pipe cleaners: $1 

Maple Bundles (2): $1 each

Wheat Bundles (2): $1 each

Total: $6

EASY DIY Potpourri Display

The second DIY I tried was another idea I got from a YouTuber. This one came from @KraftsbyKatelyn in her SUPER CHEAP $1 Dollar Tree Fall DIYS Video.

In her video, she makes a base and lid for her glass candle holder. Again, I had no hot glue, so I had to improvise. Additionally, I could not figure out how to open my string lights (very embarrassing, I know), so I went for a more rustic look. These jars look really cute, smell amazing and are the easiest DIY I've ever done. 


1. Pour an equal amount of potpourri into each glass 

2. Add a sprig of your faux greenery. I used the Maple Bundles.

3. OPTIONAL: Add lights or additional faux greenery. I used any pieces that I was not able to thread pipe cleaners through for the wreath.

That's it! This DIY is very easy and cute. Plus, it looks and smells AMAZING. It goes really well with a painting I have hanging behind my dining room table, so I used it to frame the centerpiece in the next DIY. 

Price Breakdown:

Glass Jars (2): $1 each

Maple Bundles (2): $1 each

Apple Cinnamon Potpourri: $1

Decorative pumpkins (2): $1 each

Total: $7

DIY Dining Table Centerpiece

I came up with this DIY while I trekked through Dollar Tree. I saw a cute small wire basket and some decorative pumpkins, and I knew that I wanted to use them to make a dining table centerpiece. 


1. Detach any faux greenery you are using from the stems. I used the maple bundles again.

2. Wrap as many pipe cleaners as you want around the wires in the basket. I used one or two just around the top to give the basket a frame.

3. Arrange your faux greenery in your basket, but leave enough room for your pumpkins!

4. Add pumpkins and any additional greenery or lights. Arrange them however you like! I again used any spare pieces that I could not thread onto the wreath DIY.

5. OPTIONAL: If you have an additional wreath mold, you can wrap it with tulle as a framing ring to put around your centerpiece. I used a red/pink glittery tulle for this step.

You're all done! How easy was that? Plus, you have a cutesie decorative centerpiece to show off to your parents to prove you're a real adult — or maybe that's just a me thing.

Price Breakdown: 

Basket: $1

Maple Bundles (2): $1 each

Decorative Pumpkins (3): $1 each

Wreath Mold: $1

Tulle: $1

Total: $8

As you can see, decorating your apartment, dorm or home for fall does not have to break the bank or be super difficult. I bought all of my supplies from Dollar Tree for less than $35, and I still have some leftover! I hope you can find some inspiration from my love of crafts and have a blast trying some of these yourself! 

Eve Bennett

Chapel Hill '23

I am a current sophomore who writes and edits for Her Campus Chapel Hill.
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