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Eight Reasons to Visit Other Colleges

There is no mistaking the pride and loyalty students have for Carolina; this school is lucky to have some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated students who truly care about the university. Carolina may be home—regardless of the location of your hometown—but everyone needs a break and the opportunity to escape from the busy and rigorous schedules that totally consumes our lives. One fun and exciting way to leave the stress behind is to visit another college. It is a great experience to visit some place new and to get to know another campus, even if it’s only for a short period of time. While most people wouldn’t trade their college experience at Carolina for anything, there’s a tiny bit of excitement and anticipation associated with traveling to another university and escaping from the stress and craziness at school. Not convinced? Check out our eight reasons to visit other colleges:

Experiencing College in a New Place

The whole attraction of visiting another school is to experience college in a different place. It’s interesting to see firsthand how college life is on other campuses and to get a feel for what makes that college unique. It gets old sometimes to constantly be in the same place, doing the same thing and with the same people. Change is good and visiting other colleges is a great way to venture away from your daily routine.

2.      Road Tripping

Travelling on the road towards your destination can be tiresome but worth the hassle. You get to converse with your friends while driving, see interesting places along the way and join in on the excitement of going somewhere different. Whether the car ride is long or quick, eventful or laidback, the anticipation makes the road trip fun no matter what.

3.      The Sense of Adventure

When you go to various college campuses, you feel as if you’re embarking on a new adventure. Your college visit doesn’t have to be far away; no matter the location, your mini-vacation is sure to be an experience you will thoroughly enjoy and later remember. It can be difficult to pull yourself away from school but going on a weekend adventure to another college is the perfect excuse to take a sabbatical from the work consuming your life and just relax.

4.      Bonding Time

Spending time with your best friends is always a great way to deal with stress. However, that quality time together can be even better when going as a group to visit another college campus. It’s fun to travel with friends and you get the chance to bond with your closest friends from school on another college campus.

5.      Meeting New People

Going to other colleges presents the perfect opportunity to meet and engage with students not from your own university. You really have to chance to encounter some cool and interesting people during your visit; hang out with them as well as your college friends, making your trip as inclusive as possible.

6.      Seeing Old Friends

Reconnecting with old friends is just as crucial as meeting new people when you visit other college campuses. Whether it’s a significant other or your best friend from high school, it’s worthwhile to visit your friend’s college to catch up. Not only is it a great getaway for you, it allows you the time to see those you care about but can’t see on a regular basis.

7.      Different Party Scene

Students love going out on the weekends to have fun and unwind from a hectic week of work and exams. No matter what your interests or idea of fun are, Carolina always has something going on and there are plenty of options for weekend revelry. However, everyone likes a change of scenery and visiting a different college presents the perfect opportunity to check out the campus party scene. The social atmosphere is different at every university so occupy your nights visiting by living it up somewhere new.

8.     Seeing the Campus

Besides hanging out with friends and going out, make sure you have someone familiar with the campus to show you around. It will be a nice and casual part of your visit and allow you to get more acquainted with the school itself. Every campus has its own charm so don’t forget to enjoy what that campus has to offer.

What college campuses have you thought about visiting?

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