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We’ve all been there: it’s 10 minutes before your class starts, and you’ve just rolled out of bed. You still want to look nice, but you have no time. Here are five easy hairstyles to wear to class.

Messy Bun

It’s a classic for a reason; the messy bun is one of the easiest hairstyles to do, and it looks just messy enough to be effortless without making you look like you don’t care. You don’t even have to brush your hair! Just flip your head upside down, slap a hair tie in it, and go!

French (or Dutch) braids

This takes a little more work, especially if you aren’t very good at braiding, but it’s worth it. The French or Dutch braid keeps your hair out of your face and is really good at hiding the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in three days.

Low Pony

My favorite thing about the low pony is that it’s effortless. It’s sleek and easy, and you can spice it up with a braid, or by wrapping a strand of hair around the ponytail to hide your hair tie (just pin it in place with a bobby pin or clip!). 


When all else fails, slap on a hat and call it school spirit. A baseball cap can hide any bad hair day or unwashed locks. A beret is a little harder to pull off, but it looks put together, vaguely Parisian and classy—all without much effort!


If you like the ease of hats but don’t like the heat they trap, try a wide headband! It’s basically the same concept as wearing a hat with the added bonus of keeping your hair out of your face and letting your head breathe.

What’s your favorite hairstyle for class?

Tessa Palmer

Chapel Hill

Tessa is a senior English major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She enjoys crocheting, watching Netflix, and petting fluffy animals.
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