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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

the mirror never lies

hair blown in all kinds of directions

by a storm i encountered

in my dreamscape    vivid scenes

of piss-soaked nasty white tile bathroom floors

mouth open     one guy after the other

perched above me    strong enough

to wake me an hour before

my alarm would go off

lines of sleep pressed into my face

a sign that what i see before me

is real but i don’t see it

i see a girl pleading

from beyond at a fat boy

to let her take control of

the body the two share

against the other i know

who would win in a fight

the girl who was ignored

for nineteen years    too much given

to mexican men    gone unappreciated

eres una puta desgraciada!    he screams

watching as his skin grows

on the chest and shrinks

where he doesn’t have much

anyways    tengo una cita

el diez de octubre y quiero verte ahí

hazlo por mi    por nosotros

por la cosa que nos está mirando

and where do i belong?

between the two i still don’t know

where to go when i need a prayer

in the morning to protect a double life

X. Ramos-Lara

Chapel Hill '23

Hello! My name is X. and I'm a senior at UNC-CH majoring in Gender Studies and English. When I'm not stressed out about doing research on non-white gender performance for my thesis I like to write queer poetry. Welcome to this little sliver of my mind!