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De-Cluttering Your Closet: A Guide to Spring Cleaning

If you’re anything like me, your dresser drawers are probably stuffed to the brim (making use of the method of rolling your clothes into tiny balls, of course), your closet is packed and you’ve got a bin of t-shirts under the bed and another one up in the attic. It is almost exhausting for me to put away laundry sometimes because, when everything is clean, there isn’t actually room for it all. And the problem isn’t even my shopping addiction, it’s that I never throw anything away. So, this past winter I decided that enough was enough and finally rifled through it all. If you’re like me and have trouble saying goodbye, here are a few tips on de-cluttering your closet this spring…

1.     The Hanger Trick

This trick has been all over the internet (re: Pinterest) lately and that is because it works. The basic idea is to hang everything in your closet with the hangers backwards (i.e. facing the wrong way on the closet bar). After you wear something, put the hanger back the right way. After about three months, anything that is still facing the wrong way gets tossed. Of course, this doesn’t apply to formal wear and clothing for special occasions, but it does wonders to get rid of those band skirts that not even Amanda Bynes thinks are in style anymore.

2.    The One-for-One Method

The one-for-one is a trick that I employ quite often. It started with my addiction to underwear shopping (Am I over-sharing? Sorry.). I literally had so many pairs of undies that I could last a good three weeks without doing laundry. So, I made a deal with myself. Any time I buy a new pair, I throw an old pair away. This works well with any kind of clothing. For example, white tank tops: you really don’t need more than four, I promise you. Throw out those ratty beaters and save some space!

3.    Get a Second Opinion

When in doubt, ask a friend/sister/stranger, chances are they’ll be more realistic with you about your wardrobe then you will be with yourself. It’s called tough love, people. I know the shirt from your first date with your 10th grade boyfriend holds a lot of great memories, but if you haven’t worn it since, toss it! If there’s something you find yourself really fighting to keep, keep it. However, more often than not you’ll find yourself agreeing with the second opinion that you don’t need item X any longer, they just give you that much need nudge towards the recycling bin.

4.    Put It All Out There

I generally subscribe to the philosophy that things have to get messy before they can get clean. Therefore, whenever I’m going through my closet, I like to take everything out of my drawers and closet and lay it all on the bed. When you actually see the amount of things you own, you can’t deny it anymore. This, often startling, visual makes you want to de-clutter, which is half the battle. And actually seeing the pile shrink as you cut down makes the process way easier, it’s like de-friending people on Facebook, it gets kind of addicting.

And now, my fellow hoarders, it’s time to get on with your Spring Cleaning! But please consider donating those items that are still in good condition to someone in need. Another great aspect about de-cluttering is that you get a chance to do some good for yourself and for others. If the item isn’t too damaged, drop if off at a nearby church, Goodwill, or clothing drop bin and help make someone’s day. If you have any other cleaning tips please comment below!

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