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Darius Lipford ‘14

Hometown: Lenoir, NC
Major: Exercise and Sports Science and Sociology

Favorite Coldstone/Yopo Flavor: Vanilla with real strawberries

Where do you study? Davis/UL/other?: Loudermilk Study Lounge in the football stadium

Tell me a fun fact about yourself: I literally hiccup every day.

What is your personal motto?: Too blessed to be stressed

Describe your “Perfect Date”: Dinner, movie, ice cream on Franklin, and then just hang out.

What do you look for in a girl?: Smart, good-looking, and a funny sense of humor.

Do you have any turn-offs or deal-breakers?: Smoking, being really loud in public, doesn’t dress well, and bad breath

Where is your favorite campus hangout?: Athletes’ study lounge because I get to study with everyone (in other sports) that I don’t get to see much during the rest of the day , and I just love being around people.

That being said, I feel like you know everybody on campus. Would you say you’re outgoing or do you just like to meet people?: I would describe myself as a very outgoing person. I feel like I know a ton of people on this campus and I meet someone new every day. I would say I am a likable guy because I talk to everyone and I don’t think I’m better than anyone else on this campus, regular student or athlete.

This last one is just because I’m dying to know. I’ve heard that the football players have their own dining hall that serves frozen Gatorade. True or false?: Yes. It is true that there is frozen Gatorade in the cafeteria in the football center. We have 2 Gatorade slushy machines that change flavors every week or two.

If you’ve been around campus or have seen the Carolina football team in Kenan Stadium, then you’ve probably heard of Darius Lipford. This Campus Cutie is down-to-earth and always up for making new friends. When asked what he would be if he could be anything (other than a football player), Darius said he wanted to be a celebrity so that he could be a role model and have a positive influence on people. So, next time you see Darius on campus, say “hello!” He might even grab you a Gatorade slushy!

All photos provided by Madison Way.

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