Contestants from the Later Seasons of GBBO I Love the Most

Spoilers for the 10th and 11th seasons will be discussed in this article, so please be aware!

Like many other anthology shows, I watched The Great British Bake Off completely out of order, and I can say that I'm not mad at myself for doing that. I usually don't watch baking shows since American attitudes around food and food competitions have turned me off from them, but I'm glad I found GBBO when I did (in quarantine haha). Whilst I've loved everyone that has appeared in the seasons I've watched, these eight contestants are my favorite! I hope you love them as much as I do.

  1. 1. Henry

    I swear, when I saw Henry for the first time, I thought he was like 12 or something. But do not underestimate his young age since he is quite a talented baker! I know I could never do the stuff he does, but at least we both have something in common — our passion for creativity and English literature.

  2. 2. Sura

    Sura does an amazing job representing her culture and giving everyone who lays eyes on GBBO a taste of what the food she grew up with was like. She has a knack for being an incredibly warm soul, and I think that is what drew me to her the most. Oh! Whenever she would face critiques for her pastries, she had these sad eyes, but regardless of the outcome, she would pick herself up and continue moving forward.

  3. 3. Hermine

    Now this is an icon! Hermine has the mind of a creative genius, I swear. I do not know much about baking, but even the judges on GBBO were amazed by what she would come up with, be it a new way to combine ingredients or the decoration of a pastry. And I just love Hermine’s positive energy; she makes me feel great and lifts my spirits whenever I watch her bake.

  4. 4. Helena

    Not to be too spooky on main, but, of course, I had to include the spookiest queen from the show. Helena drew me in with her interesting Halloween-y takes on traditional pastries, and her commitment to her aesthetic made me a definite fan. I was also amazed that there were people out there as talented as Helena that could also speak the same language as me (Spanish), so cheers to her! Now, I cannot help but associate Halloween with this spooky queen.

  5. 5. Mark L.

    Mark L. has a way of helping other contestants out and making them feel heard. I greatly appreciate that since it means he genuinely cares for others and wants them to feel safe! His smile and constant adorable laughter is sooo contagious, and I love seeing/hearing it when I watch the show. I also appreciate Mark L. doing his best to incorporate marginalized cultures and voices into his artistry without appropriating them and claiming them as his own.

  6. 6. Marc E.

    Marc E. gives off incredible dad energy, and I love that about him. Although I am definitely not one of his kids, I do feel welcomed by him and his ability to empathize with others whilst keeping a respectful tone, so like… please be my dad. Marc E. also shows a lot of vulnerability compared to many of the other GBBO contestants I have seen, and I think it may be due to his status as an amputee and a father. He's amazing at showing viewers that it is okay to be yourself and that being sensitive to things is okay.

  7. 7. Steph

    Spoiler alert: Steph should have won her season! She made it so far in the show whilst consistently being at the top, but that is not really the point of this article; I am here to celebrate Steph and her amazing self! Steph consistently being at the top of many episodes should clearly be a testament to just how amazing she is and how well she knows herself and her fantastic baking abilities. Although she was frequently hard on herself for even the best bakes, I believe she knew she was great and I think that vulnerability is amazing to showcase since many viewers may be able to relate to her struggles with mental health, of which she is very vocal about on her Instagram page!

  8. 8. Priya

    I was heartbroken when Priya was eliminated from her season, but I was incredibly honored to have her grace my screen. Just like Sura, Priya does an amazing job representing aspects of her culture in an Anglo-Eurocentric world. Her smile is amazing and so are her bakes! Priya’s pastries look wonderful and so happy and so ahhh! She is also an advocate for LGBTQ+ issues and people, and I am glad she uses her platform to uplift people like me!

American baking shows don't really compare to British baking shows in most ways. The contestants are a lot more friendlier in the UK, but I think it is also the competitive nature of American shows in general that drew me to GBBO. I've loved the show and the contestants I've seen grow and cry and show their true selves, and I hope generations after me feel the same way I do.