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With online schooling and working from home, it’s easier than ever to find the time to watch your favorite shows. The only issue is that you finish them too quickly. We all know about The Office, but what other comedies should you watch? Lucky for you, I’ve made a list of my favorite shows from Netflix and Hulu to help you decide what to watch next!


The Good Place

Averaging about 24 minutes per episode, this show is stomach-achingly funny with four seasons worth of plot twists.

Summary: Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself getting into the Good Place after she dies an embarrassingly funny death, but she knows she doesn’t belong. While she’s there, she makes a few acquaintances: a monk, a highly-established socialite, and a professor of ethics. Will she come clean about her life on Earth, or will she keep her true identity a secret? 

This show is available on Netflix!

Sex Education

Sex Education only has two seasons, but the episodes are about 50 minutes to one hour long. The content may be shocking for some viewers, but it is both funny and somewhat educational. 

Summary: Otis’ mother is a sex therapist, a job he finds to be utterly embarrassing until he tries his hand at it. Soon, he is giving out his own advice while trying to navigate the social-hierarchy of high school. 

This show is also available on Netflix!

Good Girls

Although it’s not a true comedy, Good Girls is filled with suspense, drama and crime with a touch of comedic relief. Mainly, I included it because I saw it on my previously watched list and remembered how great of a show it was. With about 45-minute episodes, it could be a little long for binging, but you’ll be hooked from the first episode. 

Summary: Beth, Ruby and Annie are all facing personal crises. They choose to take back their lives by doing something that makes them feel powerful: robbing a convenience store.  

Two seasons of this show are on Netflix, but some episodes are live-streamed through Hulu.

One Day at a Time

This sitcom has about 30-minute episodes. Though goofy, One Day at a Time captures the feeling of your teenage years without becoming too tense and dramatic (looking at you, Riverdale). 

Summary: The original One Day at a Time series is reimagined and focuses on a Cuban-American family living in Los Angeles. The show features a sassy son, a smart daughter, a working mom and a grandmother with a flare for drama. Though there are aspects of goofy comedy, the show also tackles serious issues such as mental illness, PTSD, homophobia, sexism and racism. 

You can find One Day at a Time on Netflix!


Insatiable, similar to Good Girls, isn’t just a comedy. It has mysterious and suspenseful elements in nearly every episode. The run time is typically around 40 minutes, and there are currently two seasons. 

Summary: Following a tragic accident that leaves her jaw wired shut, Patty finds herself skinny for the first time in her life. She is taken aback by the new way people treat her and becomes involved in the dramatic world of beauty pageants. 

Insatiable is on Netflix.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes the typical dramatic cop show and turns it on its head. A sitcom-style drama, this show can be an entertainment source for anyone. The episodes are fairly short, with an average run time of about 20 minutes. However, there are six seasons that are sure to get you a good ab workout (from laughing).

Summary: Jake Peralta is an NYPD detective who uses unorthodox ways to solve crimes. His arch-nemesis of the office, Amy, doesn’t understand how he is such a good detective when he constantly slacks off and makes everything a joke. 

This show is available on Hulu.

Bob’s Burgers

A run-time of about 20 minutes is all this show needs to capture your attention with its dry wit. Ten seasons of Bob’s Burgers give you plenty of episodes to choose from and plenty of material to watch.

Summary: Bob’s Burgers is an animated comedy about Bob, a modest burger-restaurant owner, and his family. His three children represent different aspects of a typical child. Tina is both shy and boy-crazy, Louise is an evil genius little girl and Gene is a sassy music-maker. The episodes have a wide variety of stories, each appealing to a different audience. 

Bob’s Burgers is available on Hulu.


With a run-time of about 35 minutes, Pen15 covers everything you experienced, or heard about, in your early teen years. Everything from your first crush to your first sip of alcohol. Two seasons of awkward perfection are sure to have you cringing while stifling your giggles. 

Summary: Maya and Anna want to start off middle school right. They dress to impress, join extracurriculars and try to hang out with the cool kids. A wacky pair, the two embody everything you used to hate about your middle school self.  

Pen15 is currently on Hulu.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

This show has a run-time of about 45 minutes. Though not entirely a comedy, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist does a great job of giving you a feel-good experience. Filled with great music, this show is a must for anyone looking for a comedy based around an unlikely heroine. 

Summary: Zoey is a software engineer at a large tech company. She is caught in an earthquake one day and develops a supernatural ability: she can tell what people are thinking by the songs they sing her in her head. 

Watch Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist on Hulu.

Hopefully this list gave you some ideas on what you should watch next. There are plenty of great shows out there, so start searching for what to watch when it’s cold outside!

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