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Campus Style: Jade Green ‘15

As a world traveler, Jade Green draws influence from her travels around the globe and adapts it to her own personal style.  Jade is a Management and Society major from Waynesville, NC.  From UNC to Malaysia, one thing is certain when it comes to Jade: the girl’s got style. HerCampus: How would you describe your style?Jade Green: I would describe my style as being Blair Waldorf meets the witches from American Horror Story. I love my girly pieces with chiffon and lace, but something about black is so classic that it's sexy.

HC: What influences what you wear?JG: Being a girl at Carolina lets me to embrace my inner Southern Belle! I really appreciate Southern style because you don't have to leave the house in 4 inch stilettos to be "dressed up." It's a laid back style that also makes me feel very feminine. I love boots, sun hats and can't forget lots of pretty dresses!

HC: Where are your favorite places to shop?JG: Sephora, Topshop, H&M, UNIQLO and Zara.

HC: It's been so cold lately! What are your favorite winter accessories?JG: An oversized watch, leggings, boots, big sweater, infinity scarf, knit beanie, and sunglasses to block out the haters. It's my favorite way to stay warm in this terribly cold weather.

HC: What is the one clothing item you can't live without?JG: High-waisted cutoff denim shorts are my staple. Bless the genius who brought this trend back in their time machine.

HC: Who is your style icon?JG: The Khaleesi (from Game of Thrones), Adriana Lima, Anna Wintour and Justice Ruth Ginsburg all have incredible style. I believe that strength is synonymous with beauty, and these womyn inspire me for their ability to be powerful as well as stylish.

HC: I hear you traveled to Malaysia this past summer! What did you learn about fashion while abroad?JG: During my traveling, I learned the value of a staple piece such as a black maxi skirt that can be worn for all occasions. No matter if you’re going to the beach, sightseeing, ot out to dinner, it’s appropriate everywhere and in every cultural setting, which one must be mindful of while traveling abroad. Having lightweight pieces while I travel leaves lots of room in my lugguage for all the shopping I'll do while I'm there!

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