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Campus Style: Cassidy Rowe ‘17

Hailing from sunny California, Cassidy Rowe chose UNC as her new home and hasn’t looked back since. Majoring in business and a member of Tri Delta sorority, this San Diego native has mastered the laid back yet elegant look à la Nicole Richie. Cassidy also happens to be my roommate and I couldn’t ask for anyone better — she lets me borrow from her closet and has become one of my best friends! I decided to interview this beauty on her effortless fashion sense and her integration of west-meets-east coast. In the words of Beyonce: Cass really did wake up like this!

HC: Can you describe your style?

CR: I would say my style is very eclectic. Some days I feel like wearing timberlands with a dress, other days I lean toward Frye boots with an oversized sweater. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that my outfit is “so California.” I like patterned pants, baseball tees, sundresses, and I LOVE my converse.

HC: What are your favorite stores?

CR: My favorites stores are Free People and Anthropology. When I go shopping, I’m always attracted to stand-alone pieces that make a statement, subdued or not. There has to be something unique about each item.

HC: What is your signature style piece?

CR: My converse. I have 4 pairs here, and 3 more at home. The number of times I’ve had to replace pairs from overuse is getting a little ridiculous.

HC: How has living in North Carolina influenced your style?

CR: Honestly, it’s made my style mature a bit. I can’t just throw on a tank top and jean shorts every day. I put more effort into trying to combine different pieces in unconventional ways. I’ve had to learn how to incorporate cold weather clothes into my California style. I’ve become much more accustomed to layering. I would never call myself preppy, but I now own Jack Rogers and a Carolina Blue Lily Pullitzer dress. I can thank the South for that.

HC: What’s something in California you’ve never seen a North Carolinian wear, and vice versa?

CR: There are a lot of brands and fashions here that you would never see at home, and some things that are typical in California but no one here wears. The biggest difference in styles has to be the guys though. I have yet to see a North Carolinian guy wear an oversized graphic tee, jeans, converse, and a snapback. In California, no one wears running shoes with button-down shirts and khakis, so that was a bit of an adjustment.

HC: Interesting! Well, which style do you prefer on guys more?

CR: It’s definitely a tie, I could never decide!

HC: Do you have a place you love to shop that not many people know about?

CR: My mom’s closet. Not kidding–she has some great stuff in there and always shares with me.

HC: We’re near the end of school and summer is just around the corner…what’s a California girl’s favorite swimsuit brands and styles?

CR: Sun Diego is my favorite store for bathing suits. They carry everything from Roxy to Billabong to Rip Curl. And of course, VS always has great options, too.

Cass picked some favorite pieces from her wish-list to share with HerCampus! If you love her style as much as I do, shop the looks below!


Free People Eyelet Shapeless V Neck

Billabong Anyone There Dress


Billabong Laugh Out Loud Denim Shirt

Pernetiana Tee


Paige Hidden Hills Straight Jean Fountain

Hudson Collin Skinny Vintage Grey Camo


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Women’s Low-Top Sneakers

Frye Veronica Combat Boots


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