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Campus Cutie: Pembroke Nash ‘16

This week’s campus cutie hails from Wilmington and is a freshman at UNC. He’s a member of Chi Psi fraternity and when he’s not surfing in some exotic locale you can join him on the Craige volleyball court for an impromptu game! Read on to find out more about this week’s Campus Cutie!

Name: Pembroke Nash

Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Year: Freshman

Major: Biology

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite food: Fried fish

Favorite spot on campus: Craige volleyball court

Favorite TV series: How I met Your Mother

Favorite band: O.A.R

Favorite movie: Top Gun

Fun Fact: I’m an avid kitesurfer. And I own a pair of Uggs.

Motto: Girls love guys with tan thighs.

Celebrity Crush: Daniel Craig – I have a huge man crush on Daniel Craig.

What is your favorite UNC memory? There are so many. Probably hanging out at the Carolina football game with some of my friends and watching Gio just tear State apart. It was the most exciting sporting event I’d ever been to.

One bucket list item: I really want to drive across Australia and surf for about 3 months – travel, surf, be the creepy hippie guy in Australia.

Post graduation plans: It’s still pretty up in the air. Maybe run a Fortune 500 company. Or actually just take a bunch of years off and travel around and not really do anything. Or maybe med school. That was the original plan.

Favorite trip: My favorite was to Nicaragua for a surf trip- it was beautiful and wild and awesome and the surf was awesome every single day. We went with 10 of my family members and every single one of us surf. We all just had so much fun.

Describe your ideal girl: I’m scared of taller women (He’s 6’4!) so shorter than that. Beautiful, fairly athletic and adventurous, and slightly classy. But not like particularly sophisticated, just the ability to class up when required.

Describe your perfect date: It’s warm outside. I’m wearing shorts. She’s not wearing anything. Just kidding. There’s a really cool restaurant in Wilmington with a boat dock and you can drive right up there, tie the boat up, eat dinner, and it’s just a real cool time.

Biggest turn offs: Tall, boring or unadventurous girls, people who won’t dance (I dance a lot.)

Favorite thing about UNC: Gotta be the people. That, or going to class every morning at 8am.

All photos taken from Facebook with permission.

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