Campus Cutie: Kevin Li ‘17

Watch out girls! We have a new Campus Cutie who is a fresh face on campus. Kevin Li is a freshman from Cary, NC and is enjoying his first year at UNC. Planning to major in Computer Science and Business, Kevin is a well-rounded guy with big ambitions.

Name: Kevin Li

Hometown: Cary

Year: 2017

Major: Computer Science and Business

Favorite YoPo Flavor: Mango

Favorite Study Spot: I like to study in my room.

Fun Fact: I was born on Ground Hog's day.

Motto: It's not about the grades you make but the hands you shake.

Favorite Place to Travel: Australia

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Food: Noodles

Biggest Turn-Offs: Arrogance, Body Odor

Favorite Super Hero: Iron Man

Celebrity Crush: Jessica Alba

Hobbies/Interests: Eating food, hockey, basketball

Favorite Thing about UNC: The basketball culture

Plans after Carolina: Make stacks and become a millionaire.

Biggest inspiration: My mom.

Most Admirable Quality: Athleticism