Campus Celebrity: Jordan Jackson '17

You won’t find Jordan Jackson on campus this semester. In fact, you won’t find Jordan anywhere around Chapel Hill. While the rest of us have spent countless hours sitting in classrooms, studying for those dreaded midterms and pulling too many all-nighters to write papers, Jordan has spent the past few months living and interning in New York City. She is a member of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Class of 2017, and she is majoring in broadcast journalism and political science. After this semester, Jordan is one step closer to landing that dream job post-graduation! I asked Jordan a few questions – which she graciously answered in her free time – so that you might be inspired by her story! Read on:

HC: What sparked your interests in broadcast journalism?

JJ: I’m not sure I had one defining moment growing up that led me to realize I wanted to be a journalist, but I’ve never wanted to pursue anything else. I’ve always been fascinated by the news. A career in journalism offers the chance to travel, meet different people and tell their stories.

HC: Who is your role model in the media industry?

JJ: Natalie Morales from NBC’s TODAY is my all-time favorite! She reports with such enthusiasm and passion, and the emotion she can bring to a story is really incredible. I also love her sense of adventure and daring personality. She’s bold, outspoken and never afraid to pursue an assignment.

HC: What is your dream job?

JJ: Ideally, I would like to work in the news industry as a morning show anchor, political contributor or White House correspondent.

HC: You’ve spent this past semester living and interning in New York City — taking a break from Chapel Hill. What has that experience been like?

JJ: I’m originally from North Carolina, so I saw the chance to live and work in New York City as a challenge and also as an opportunity to experience what life will be like after graduation. My current internship has offered me incredible insight into what brings people success in this industry. It’s also allowed me to identify some of my own personal strengths and weaknesses. Moving away from a nurturing place like Chapel Hill to New York City has presented many difficulties, but it has also given me an incredible sense of independence. I am so grateful for the experiences I have had, and I know that they will continue to serve as a huge source of motivation.                                                                                        

HC: What’s your favorite part about living in New York?

JJ: Boredom is completely out of the question in the city. I’m constantly amazed at how there is ALWAYS a festival, concert or some other crazy event happening. But I think my favorite part about New York will always be the energy. People here are amazingly inspiring. Everyone wants to make it to the top, but I’ve found that this city is full of people who want to bring you along. Oh, and the food is pretty great, too. I could eat Chinatown steamed buns for days…

HC: What advice can you offer for aspiring journalism majors?

JJ: Take risks! I used to be incredibly afraid to speak up, but I learned quickly that I was going to have get past my fear of failing if I wanted to succeed in this industry. Ask questions, apply for internships that seem impossible to obtain and jump at every opportunity that comes your way. Sure, you’ll be rejected a few times, but eventually something awesome will come along—and that something awesome will only lead to more open doors further down the road.