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Campus Celebrity: Ada Morava ‘17

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

Ada Morava is frequently referred to as the witty, fun-sized bundle of joy who will happily have pointless debates for hours on end.  She was born in Albania, but you would never guess that she has lived anywhere outside of the US.  Her strong accent and infatuation with all things southern show that she is truly a belle. While she considers napping a daily necessity, she is always ready for a spontaneous trip to the beach, a midnight Cookout run, or a two man dance party until 3 in the morning.  Don’t forget this face as you will likely to see it on billboards across the nation when she becomes a big time lawyer.

Name: Ada Morava

Age: 19

Major: Communications and Rhetoric

Minor: Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics (PPE)

Her Campus: How do you like to introduce yourself to others?

Ada Morava: I find myself having to explain how in the world a foreign girl has a southern accent. The conversation usually goes a little something like this:

Me: “Hi I’m Ada Morava. Nice to meet you”

Other: “Wow…Ada? Like A-D-A?”

Me: “Yup that’s it.”

Other: “I’ve never met an Ada before.  Are you from around here?”

Me: “Well let me tell you…”

At this point I then launch into my life story, when I moved to America, and how Hendersonville, North Carolina can get one an accent like mine.

HC: You’ve been here for over a year now, is there anything significant that you’ve learned in your time at Carolina?

AM: I learned that a good friend group makes all the difference. When you move to college you typically leave behind this support system–both family and long time friends–and it can be intimidating to start a new chapter in life without them physically there.  Your college friends are the people you go to for the big and the little things.  Whether you nail an interview or bomb a final, they’re there for you.  I personally know that they will also appreciate the stories of last night’s adventures even when I tell it five times over. Oh goodness I don’t want to even think about last night…

HC: You are extremely involved in Carolina Mock Trial.  Is that something that you foresaw yourself doing before coming to UNC?

AM: Absolutely not.  I told myself that I was not going to join any clubs until I was a sophomore unless it was something that wouldn’t take up too much time.  i wanted to do something “light.” Something like volunteering or dance.  Never did I imagine myself in a competitive organization so early on in my college career.  To be honest, I almost cancelled my tryout because I thought I couldn’t make the team.  The only reason I went was because I couldn’t find the president’s phone number to call and cancel my time slot.  I am thankful every day that I never did find his phone number.

HC: Is there someone (or something) that inspires you on a day-to-day basis?

AM: The little things that I encounter every day inspire me.  When I’m on Buzzfeed and see an article like “25 Places to go Before you die” or “Fun Food Art,”  I know that in order for me to experience these things, I am going to need an education first.  I need to be successful in order to do something like travel and check off the 25 places.  #lifegoals

HC: When classes are finished, we all have that go to activity to destress. What’s yours?

AM: After a hard day of classes or a test, I like to go to the Daily Grind and order a very large Creme Brulee latte (with extra chocolate covered espresso beans) and take a stroll around campus.  I mindlessly wander the quad and if I’m lucky I’ll have my romance novel on me.  Nothing says destressing like coffee, chocolate, and the modern day Fabio.

HC: We all make some great memories here at Carolina.  Have you had any particularly embarrassing moments that stand out to you?

AM: Honestly, I think I do the embarrassing for others.  Just the other night I embarrassed some giddy freshman on the side of Franklin. Poor things, they didn’t even see it coming.  I guess there’s always that awkward moment when people don’t know how to take my bluntness as a joke.  I add in an awkward laugh after me possible hurting their feelings, but usually the conversation ends with me touching their shoulder, giving a light hearted smile, and swiftly walking away.

HC: Where do you see yourself ten years down the road?

AM: Holy crap.  Ummm…I’ll be 29…wow that’s crazy.  That’s such a weird stage of life.  I hope to have my life in order.  My career life–whatever that may be–and I see myself having a long term significant other… “the one” as everyone calls it.  But honestly see myself happy, successful, and having a beautifully refined sense of style.  I want an excuse to wear pumps everyday.