Campus Celeb: Mike Jones ‘14

Running for Homecoming King is portrayed in movies as a competition between the two biggest jocks on campus with the hottest girlfriend.  The Homecoming King was the kid that threw parties when his parents were out of town leading everyone to know his name. But the title of Homecoming King at UNC carries weight and comes with responsibility.  Mike Jones, this year’s Homecoming King, has become one of the most well-known men on campus, not because of the crazy parties he throws, but rather from his involvement with the University.

HC: What made you decide to run for Mr. UNC?

MJ: Aside from representing this amazing university, I decided to run for Mr. UNC because I believe in my service project, Heel Prints Never Fade.  I think it is important to honor fallen Tar Heels and remember the legacy that each of these individuals had on the UNC community.  When any student, whether it be a first-year or transfer, steps on the campus of UNC, they are introduced to two things: the Carolina Way and leaving their own heel print and legacy.  I knew that running for Mr. UNC would give me the opportunity to not only ensure that the legacy of fallen Tar Heels are honored but also foster a sense of community through a diverse group of individuals.  Additionally, I wanted to run for Mr. UNC to give back to this great university and show others that anyone can succeed if they work hard.

HC: How have you been able to serve the university and community as Mr. UNC so far?

MJ: I am currently planning a talent night where a variety of student organizations will perform to show their support for fallen Tar Heels.  This event will probably take place in the Great Hall.  Additionally, Miss UNC and I have decided to take an active approach with our titles and do more in the community.  We visited Hillside High School during College Application Week and helped high school seniors apply to a variety of colleges in N.C.

HC: What are your plans for after graduation?

MJ: I am currently applying to graduate school for Higher Education and Student Affairs.  I hope to one day be Dean of Students and maybe even Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

HC: What organizations are you most involved with on campus?

MJ: I am the president of Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity, Incorporated; a Resident Advisor Mentor at Granville Towers; a Student Coordinator with the North Carolina Renaissance; president of Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honor society; an Admissions Ambassador, and I am on the morale committee for Dance Marathon.